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The easier option, with better views SE to Kings and Patna India Mountains, follows the road right from the optional fork almost 5 mi to an odd fourway intersection. Turn Patna India left up the main route less than 2 ml, steeper back to the ridgeline at Patna India the top of the hidden bushwhack juncture Patna India perhaps best saved for the descent.

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From the bushwhack juncture, follow the old road up the ridge 5 mi to a small fork where you walk right, down about 100 ft toward your forested goal and another saddle below the summit block with good views left to Tillamook State Forest. Continue S of the summit less than 5 mi on a super-easy traverse and turn sharply to the left onto a faded old wide trail (no sign) before the main road begins to descend. Work your way up 5 mi without any trouble past a few small trees and branches across the path to a tiny green meadow. Some views exist past the end of the meadow, but you should turn right just before that to scramble up a few feet, finding the summit path for the final feet, past a large anthill, to the mossy boulders and rocks that comprise the peak area within the tight pines.

ELEVATION: 3226 ft, with vertical gains of 2600 ft directly, 3300 ft on a loop with Elk Mountain, 3500 ft if mountain biking up Elk Creek Trail (then hiking).

DISTANCE: More than 2 5 mi up, 5 5 mi round-trip; more than 8 mi round-trip loop with Elk Mountain plus 31/2 mi without a shuttle for the additional hike; 13 mi round-trip bike-n-hike Kings Mountain only (no loop, using Elk Creek Trail).

DURATION: 1-2 hours up directly or biking from Elk Creek Trail, 2-3 hours round-trip; 5-6 hours hiking loop with Elk Mountain; 4-5 hours round-trip bike-n-hike Kings Mountain.

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