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Hello everybody. And welcome to attache the show that gets you in out. And around some of the world’s greatest cities my name is Alex hunter. And I’ll be your Sherpa on this international adventure. And we start season two. And Britain’s seaside jewel Blackpool iris iris that girlfriend you never should have had that mind altering meal you really couldn’t afford that after party you had no business attending that my friends is Paris Paris has two major airports Orly primarily but not exclusively for European traffic. And Charles to go the big dog.

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And one of the most loathed airports in Europe why it’s big cumbersome badly laid out lacks facilities. And amenities. And those which it does have are extremely expensive definitely not one of my favorite airports but since you’ll be coming into either of those airports we’re going to issue our beloved cheapest fastest best segment.

And just tell you the best way to get into central Paris from each of those airports Orly there is an re our train service for Orly but it’s a pain with changes shuttle buses. And inconvenient stations in Paris the best option is the Orly bus which takes you to central Paris in just minutes. And cost euros Charles de Gaulle the RER train minutes from the airport to garden or.

And just euros the trains leave from terminal . And the ticket machine accepts notes coins. And credit cards protip pick the RER be express service for a faster ride alternatively you can take the Wasi bus just euros to the center of Paris but it can take to minutes even on a good day. And that’s all good for my airborne friends but some of you may arrive in Paris by an altogether different method like we did jetpacks no not jetpacks Greg although that is a really good idea the Eurostar if you’re in London Lille Brussels or a host of other European cities you can jump on the Eurostar.

And be in Paris in no time I’ve been on the Eurostar dozens of times. And I still giggle like animated cosplay. And I realize I’m on a train from London to Paris doing a hundred. And eighty miles an hour under the ocean science.

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