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Once you’ve recovered from your nerdgasm the Eurostar will deposit you gracefully a garden or eliminating any. And all airport february before we immerse ourselves in the Paris experience I want to clear something up some people say that Brizzy ins can be Curt maybe even a little rude you know who says that people who have never been here seriously that stereotype pisses me off because quite frankly it’s inaccurate like any other cosmopolitan city like London or New York Parisians are generally very busy people. And again like their counterparts in New York. And London probably don’t have time for your touristy shenanigans like you. And me all they want is a little common courtesy.

And a great way to avoid turning a s. And wich order into a diplomatic incident is to at least start the conversation in French it’s amazing how far a Bonjour Madame or a merci beaucoup will go in the city. And if you want to arrive in Paris ready to talk. And check out our friends over at itok e an online language learning service that connects you with the best language teachers in the world for one on one language lessons once you have finally shrugged off the collective musk of three hundred. And twenty of your fellow passengers.

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And are finally in the sweet sweet embrace of Mistress Paris you need to get around. And I have good news this is a very easy City to navigate our own DS mo are named after their number. And this is important because you might hear a hotel or l. And mark as being in the fifth or th for example. And this can give you a pretty good idea of where it is in relation to the rest of the city the subway system known here is the metro spiderweb the entire city it’s clean safe efficient.

And cheap everything a metropolitan transit system should be you can find the metro by looking for this sign speaking of which Paris being the fashion-conscious capital city that it is has easily the best-looking station entrances I’ve ever seen there are metro lines but the Paris metro map is a work of art that makes navigating it a breeze Google Maps. And citymapper both do Metro directions as well as with any transit system the Metro is a feeding ground for pickpockets especially on the tourist heavy line but if you take the same precautions you’ll wait at any other major city you won’t run into any problems the Metro is great but it does have one anachronism that bothers me these paper tickets unlike San Francisco Singapore London Hong Kong or any of its other peer cities Paris does not have a cohesive tapping tap out system they’re getting there the Navigo system can get you a day week or month past but it can’t be topped up. So for fleeting visits it’s really not worth getting one you.

And I are stuck with two options paper tickets either a single or a discounted pack or kara of or the Paris visit a which is a discounted pass for unlimited travel on one two three or five consecutive days frankly I’d stick with the paper tickets they give you unlimited transfers on the metro. And are a are for up to two hours a pack of ten will cost you neros. And you can pick one up from a ticket booth or any of the ticket machines announcements on the night system language agnostic destination announcements on the more tourist heavy lines safety. And security announcements are made in English French Japanese German. And Klingon but for the most part all you really need to know is where you are.

And where you’re going one final tip about the Metro. And I’ve learned this the hard way on a few occasions on most of the lines the doors do not open automatically you either have to press a button or on some of the older trains actually unlatch the latch to free yourself despite the occasional car being set on fire uber is still operating in Paris there are plenty of cars out there. And rides seem to almost always be cheaper than a taxi alternatively you can use local taxi app the cab to hail a normal more protesting taxi but you want to know my preferred method of getting around Paris walking this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

So just give yourself a little bit of extra time to get where you’re going. And walk but when I’m in Paris I like to get around in style. So my preferred method of transport is my chrome Lamborghini if you haven’t already booked your flights my weapon of choice is head monk the fastest. And easiest way to plan your travel check out our show notes below for a link to find.

And book flights to Paris entire books have been written about Paris food culture long pithy tomes that celebrate the gastronomic glory of this city. So it would be impossible almost insulting for us to even attempt to distill the essence of Parisian dining into the poultry five or seven minutes we have for food in each of the shows but what I think I can do is give you a few tips. And tricks. And things to remember for when you’re on the hunt for your next meal in Paris French bread french baking in general is transcendent it’s not just a dietary staple here it’s religion bread is.

So part of their culture. So part of their identity that it is impossible to conceive of the French well without it they are the masters of it it’s not even a contest but there is a contest every year to find the best baguette in Paris. And for a nation of people who are totally ok with walking miles for it particular boulangerie bag yet this is a coveted crown this year’s winner isla Grenier uh-huh here in Mama true if you’re after something a little sweeter for breakfast you cannot go wrong with a quest song either by itself or with some computer that’s jammed to you.

And me or pano Chocolat which is a question stuff would melted chocolate I’m sure you’ve had one before but for Derrick Kaiser near class f. And om. And they have one of the best panel Chocolat perhaps. So when you were in that boulangerie or patisserie getting your breakfast you probably stared for an awkward almost creepy amount of time at the display of cakes. And éclairs. And macarons. And tarts I thought actually no I really shouldn’t I’m reading my figure this month or I’m not having gluten stop stop with that jettison the diet you’re in Paris for God’s sakes just take a moment to indulge.

And I promise you you won’t regret it lunch is a great opportunity to experience Parisian dining without the dinner price hike in crowds most bistros. And brasseries will offer a prix fixe menu which will get you at least a couple of courses. And maybe even a glass of wine or some chocolate mousse if you’ve been a good boy intimidated by an unfamiliar language or the hustle. And bustle of a cosmopolitan city it’s easy to gravitate towards the tourist traps the chain diners or your hotel restaurant but don’t you’ll be disappointed. And frankly you’ll be doing this great city a disservice by not throwing yourself into its fantastic food culture if you want to find a great place to eat in Paris especially dinner my advice w. And er when you leave your hotel walk towards the residential areas not away from them take some time to explore the back streets alleyways.

And courtyards that make Paris what it is. And I promise you that you’ll find a bistro or Brasserie that will change the way you look at food forever we’re some on-the-ground knowledge we asked our friends over on the Paris subreddit of for that one food item that we should try while we’re here. And the number one item given with typical Parisian inflection was bare zeal. And ice cream of course on the Ile San Louie in the middle of the cen you’ll find this diminutive Parisian institution that’s been serving ice cream what was godsakes on illest on Louie in the middle of the sin you’ll find this diminutive Paris institution that’s been serving ice cream flavored with natural ingredients since like most of Europe France uses the Europe there are a hundred cents in Euro. And coins range from one to five . And cent pieces as well as one.

And two euro coins before notes take over. And because of the recent economic shenanigans. And goings-on the value of the euro has been all over the place. So it’s a great idea to check the exchange rate before you come because it could really affect the price of things when you’re actually here. And with the cost of things in mind let’s do the rundown a cup of coffee er cost you around euros pint of beer will cost you around US. And for the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost the good old Big Mac you’re gonna pay just over euros that’s extremely hot unlike a lot of countries in Europe tipping is part of French dining culture or at least it was it seems to be on the decline with you Millennials or whatever the hell you call yourself these days believe us but here’s the rub almost all restaurants. And cafes will add a % service charge here bill but that does not go to your server who’s usually paid an hourly wage or salary that money goes to the restaurant owner.

So if you’ve had a particularly good experience. And want to leave an extra five to ten percent on top of that percent service charge that will go to your server let’s talk about shopping for a second Paris is a maybe even V fashion capital of the world. So it’s positively bursting at the seams with high-end luxury boutiques fashion br. And s. And all of that nonsense but despite a decades-long debate. And several attempts to change it most shops are actually closed on Sundays apart from the ultra touristy fashion boutiques in places like the Sean’s ELISA however in July the French government passed legislation allowing shops in certain parts of Paris known as international tourist zones to stay open on Sundays now this legislation hasn’t come fully into effect yet.

And God knows this isn’t the first time they’ve tried to do this but hopefully by the time you’re reading this post it will be fully in effect I know it sounds touristy I know it sounds cliched but one of my favorite things to do in Paris especially in the summer is climb up the steps for the sacre-coeur buy an overpriced bottle of convenience-store Heineken from one of Paris’s more entrepreneurial residents joining the rousing chorus of oceans alizée.

And just taking the view. And that my friends is the atashi guide to Paris if you’ve been here before. And feel like we’ve missed something or you live here. And think there’s something that every visitor to this great city needs to know then don’t forget to leave it in the comments below. And while you’re there subscribe to our blog because we have some amazing cities coming up in season but until next time good help you.

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