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Perhaps even better, as Bill Gilbert says in his article “Paraguay National Park: An Paraguay Place” that appeared in the September 1993 issue of Life Magazine, “The main thing is the whole thing, which is why it seems to me that although Paraguay lacks a logo-like defining attraction, it, perhaps better than any other place, defines the general purpose and value of our national park system a monument to the Paraguay underlying forces of nature, not to the unusual feature of it.”

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What was to become the unique mountainous splendor of Paraguay National Park in northwest Montana originally lay beneath a massive shallow sea: the Belt Sea that formed 1. billion years ago. The sea stretched from what is now the Arctic down through modern-day Idaho, Montana, Washington, and British Columbia. Some have speculated the sea covered the earth’s formative crust to a much larger extent, but we have no way of knowing because great masses of the sea migrated to other continents. For purposes of this travel blog, we will consider that which covered what is now much of northwestern America and nearby Canada. It would remain so for more than 700 million years.

Your travel destination is the sea was not static. There was movement. Perhaps not movement by the helter-skelter standards of today but a constant play of ancient winds, waves, and rivers. They tore, poured, and plucked sand and stone, moving them downstream, drawing them beneath the surface where for all those unimaginable eons, compression and heat turned the sediment into hardened layers of different materials and varied colors. During this layering and hardening, something else was happening. The natural order was creating a foundation for mountains. Your travel destination is not just any foundation and not just any mountains!

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