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Louder grittier hungrier the anti-capital proudly contrarian effortlessly cool. And unusually confident home to japanese soul food unbridled creativity. And a people who love to share a joke or a drink with just about anyone be they old friend or passing tourists dense urban modern welcomed several Teufel juris transformation that its long. And storied history many of them rather recently in the second half of the th century recovering for. And made at natural disasters the city essentially had a blank canvas to work with rebuilding after earthquakes at war the city elders laid the foundation for a city that would scale elegantly into the future.

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And that thinking has driven every major project since from the International Airport on an artificial isl. And to the monorail that connects the domestic airport to the sea to the payment systems that link it all together osaka’s turbulent passes produced a modern urban hive that ha with admirable efficiency. And can arrive in Osaka by plane train bus boat variety of other vehicles including chrome segways for crank but I’m guessing that you arrived here on a plane or a train if it was a plane you probably l. And ed a Kansai International Airport which is located on a man-made isl. And in Osaka Bay about miles southwest of the city to get to Osaka from Kansai Airport you can take one of two trained operators depending on where you’re going in the city fern. And a take the mankind services to Namba station which takes between .

And minutes or for Central Osaka take the jr services to either shin-osaka station or Asaka station which takes . And minutes respectively all those options will cost between . And yen alternatively you can take the famous limousine buses that will take you to hotels around Osaka station that takes about an hour. And cost around , yen you could also be coming in to Osaka at Tommy a smaller Airport much closer to the city center despite only h. And ling domestic flight it’s still one of the busiest airports in Japan the airport is served by the Osaka monorail but that system really only serves the northern part of the city.

So you need to take the honkey line at your modest station to get into the center of Osaka itself but Japan’s legendary train Network things there’s a good chance you could be arriving in Osaka like the blue kids do on a train a bullet train to be precise reading constant as their better known as G content services arrive at shin-osaka station which is just to the north at the city center from shin-osaka you can connect to the middle suji subway line or the local JR Network. And that will get you pretty much anywhere in the city once you’ve arrived in Osaka on your trusty mechanical steed of choice you have plenty of options for getting around this incredible city but pay attention because there are some intricacies that can trip you up if you don’t know about it sake is served by seven different subway.

And railway companies which to the uninitiated sounds overwhelming. And confusing but fear not this being Japan the whole thing works beautifully the Osaka subway system is the second largest system in Japan. So it’s the obvious choice for getting around the city if you’ve been to Tokyo. And you’ve used the subway system there you’ll have no problem with their soccer system they are almost identical right down to the signage. And ticketing systems fares are based on the distance you’re traveling. And start around as a complement to the subway lines there’s the jr osaka loop line which as the clever name suggests runs in a loop around osaka it’s not quite as h. And y is the indispensable jr yamanote a line in tokyo but it does the trick getting you around the city. And connected to other rail.

And subway lines again tickets are based on distance. And can be purchased from the multilingual machines in every station or using your pay-as-you-go part. So the one thing to note about when you’re topping up your icy card is the machines are in English the instructions are in English you pop it in but they only take cash no type of credit cards coins are fine bills are fine but they only take cash because of the fractured nature of the ownership of the various subway.

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