It’s been months since I’ve last seen Dominique Before all o’ dat Are you already there? I am not. I will be there. How do you say, “soon?” We’ll meet there, ok? Cool? Mhm. This’ll be the first time I eat something French in. C’mon, let’s cross Ok let’s cross You can’t even finish your sentence before having to do something else in NY WE’RE CROSSING (This is a joke that only makes sense in French sorry y’all) This used to be a café that we used to always go to “Why Not” café! You know why? They thought it was ok to charge for a cup of coffee We were paying for the art, ok? We have to support artists If we didn’t support artists, there would be no beauty And if there’s no beauty, people start losing hope It’s really a French soirée now So why’d you have to choose the most expensive French restaurant?


I never looked at the menu. The menu wasn’t online You can just tell he doesn’t like us He has zero interest in speaking with us The most Parisian “Very expensive” says incorrectly each wine $! $!. They’re robbing us. Dominique, they’re taking advantage. They’re taking advantage. Good evening! Is it funny? Those prices were. Dominique and I are arguing. So it’s already a French soirée. There’s a restaurant in Paris called La Buvette, too. You see! It’s a chain. Another fail. Let’s go eat an American cheeseburger! NEXT And directly next door, there’s another French restaurant Do you speak French? I’m from Brittany, so I obviously do!

So we’ll speak in French! We’re not even French, but we pretend we are. Success! So yeah, even though we’re Americans here speaking French in a French restaurant, I just feel like we’re causing more of a scene than if we just acted like regular Americans. That’s not the menu. Let’s get the Cabernet Sauvignon The bottle. Sorry we’re out. Baguette Did you check your phone yet? Your mom texted us saying Congrats on k subscribers. In a group chat with you and me Dominique goes. So it takes one hour to put some spinach on a plate with a little goat cheese patty Damn Dominique, coming through with those critiques! You’re actually the most French Mhm. She’s the most French. What’s that that you ordered? It’s “Chicken Paillard” Two seconds later Merci It was très bien. Ok real talk, I’m starving and I’m gonna go across the street to the deli and get me an egg sandwich So that means one thing only If you want to eat French food here in New York come prepared with a little sandwich or come prepared with a big bank account That too We just paid. way too much. So leave a comment below about. I wasn’t kidding. Anyway, subscribe to our channel We’ll see you next time! Bisous! Ciao. “Comment ça pa” (almost French) That doesn’t mean I don’t wanna have a French soirée Right Damon? Come, come here. Do you miss Paris? Yes! I tried looking for restaurants here that weren’t Luxurious Rich Chic Oh so then I’m not coming.

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