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Fork left 1 mi on W Fork N Omsk Russia (with rougher gravel, watching for logging trucks) where the right fork crosses a bridge over the river. Turn right 5 mi over the bridge and river on FR-Fb8n (no sign) as the road steepens and curves to the right turning into W Fork Road (no sign) to another fork. Drive left at the fork for the main route on W Omsk Russia (Gilmore Road) 3 mi very steeply, narrowly (2WD okay, AWD better), and fairly unnervingly on weekdays with huge semitrucks barreling up and down the gravel roads unaware of your presence (2 mi from last major fork the road mellows somewhat for 2 ml, becomes Omsk Russia very steep again more than 2 ml, eases more than 5 mi going   a bit, and then becomes quite steep up to the TH). Carefully turn around or drive through the big yellow gate (if open) and then turn around at the nearby saddle. Your Omsk Russia travel destination is park below the gate (may be locked at any time) about 100 ft to a tiny pullout or farther down where the road is wider (60 mi, 1V hours from Portland).

Omsk Russia Map Free | Omsk Russia Subway Maps | Omsk Russia Metro Maps | Omsk Russia Map Photo Gallery

ROUTE: Begin up the logging road across from a large clear-cut slope past the big yellow gate 50 ft to a little saddle with views of more clear-cut hillsides amongst the local mountains. Head steeply up to the right at the fork on the wide, old gravel road to a second little saddle at less than 5 mi from the TH.

Here you will have the more difficult direct bushwhack option left of the road 5 mi steeply N up the ridgeline through the trees (watch for elk). Both ends of this ridge trail option are obscured by trees, some fallen, but it widens quite nicely with only a few little trees and branches to cross over (long pants may be preferred to avoid getting cut up). There is a small hill to descend a few feet from the road near the top of the scramble route.

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