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I expect my talk in Olathe City focused on our herpes experiments, though, apart from chatting with Hutt-Fletcher, who I knew from serving on review committees, Olathe I don’t have any particular recollection of the day. No doubt I met with students and researchers and had a reasonably early dinner with a few Olathe of the faculty members. That’s the usual protocol, but I was travelling too much at the time and my detailed memories of many such visits are somewhat Olathe .

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Back then, my primary job was at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Memphis was a major hub for Northwest Airlines. That meant there were one (or maybe two) direct flights a day to many, not too-distant middle-America destinations, including Kansas City. Housed in pleasant boutique accommodation near the city centre I woke early and, with a few hours to spare, checked that the area was generally considered safe and went out for a habitual walk.

What was it that made my visit to Kansas City worth writing about? This brief acquaintance with the second city (after St Louis) of the ‘Show-Me State’ (as seen on car licence plates) introduced me to some great artworks. Walking through parkland I suddenly encountered the unlikely prospect of a green field dominated by giant, brightly painted, orange and white shuttlecocks. My immediate response: to laugh with delight or, at the very least, smile broadly! That’s what great public art does, and why people love it.

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