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Hi Welcome to my World tourism guide blog. In this post i will show you New York City’s most popular place Time Square. First of all up scribe our blog to get updates over upcoming more posts. Times Square is a major commercial intersection, tourist destination entertainment center. A neighborhood in the Midtown Manhattan section of New York City. At the junction of Broadway and 7th Avenue Times Square is one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions.

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Drawing an estimated million visitors annually, approximately 3 lakh people pass through Times Square daily. Many of them terrorists wall over 4 lakh pedestrians walk through Times Square on its busiest days. Times Square is the world’s second most visited tourist attraction behind the Las Vegas Strip. You can visit this fabulous place.

America’s largest city is located along the coastal region of the Atlantic Ocean on the Boston Philadelphia Washington In Europe.
New York is equivalent to Manhattan on the chessboard Island embraced by two rivers are the huge my scrapers, Office Buildings, restaurants, museums, hotels and side the majority of the population lives in the Bronx.

New York Map – Map of New York City – NYC Map Free Download

new york map map of new york city nyc map nyc map image

Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island for the neighboring New Jersey, and only coming to the city to work. The bridge with its modern lines was finished in 1964 and bears the name of Giovanni. Sano a Florentine sailor, it has a very favorable location with two outstanding Hills and an enormous river with a deep mouth.

However the French were just waging War did not want to establish, a colony in the New World A memorial made of the stones of the Verrazano Castle in Toscana.

Has been erected at the bottom of the suspension bridge the settlement did not extend beyond, the boundaries of Manhattan until 1898, Long fence Incorporated Bronx Brooklyn Queens and Staten Island used to be independent small towns.

The same as Wall Street with its Stock Exchange located on the south corner of the island did the North or the cafes and bars of Greenwich Village, above it to Midtown the center of the city And Broadway, with its theaters in great Cinemas Easter Central Park of the elegant small shops and houses of the Eastside to the west of the rundown slums of the West side.

New York’s most seasoned Old Bridge Is the Brooklyn Bridge. Which starts from Manhattan and bends over the East River, any advanced The bridge was planned by John a Roebling. Who was a German origin Founded the largest steel Cable Factory of the world. Who was an expert and building suspension during the construction Probably had an accident. Which resulted in blood poisoning and after two weeks of suffering You.

New York Map – Map of NYC – NYC Map Free Download

new york map map of new york city nyc map new york map
Leaving his son who served under General Grant in the Civil War to make his plans come true. The bridge Didn’t bring luck to the family Is doing the construction Washington Roebling became paralyzed. It was only able to watch the grandiose opening ceremony. Roanoke wheelchair from a window of his house. The longest suspension bridge in the world of that. What time is open in the spring of 1883, in the presence of the president of the United States Chester Arthur.

The governor of New York go Berkeley later to become president in the evening. Did you politicians to do to the disabled Builder by Leading a huge crowd in a Torchlight parade. We can enjoy the nicest Panorama the downtown From the bridge. Public transport in the city would not brought to a screeching halt by a strike is well-organized and Speedy. Trent Transportation has been terminated. But the buses and especially the Metro called Subway here take us anywhere. The underground Railway is 350 km long with 462 stops on its 23 differ. Red lines Covering all districts Except Staten Island. The simplest way to sightsee in New York is to use the open deck so-called hop-on hop-off buses.

These services are familiar from Big European cities stopping at every site. So even to restore less familiar, with the city can’t get lost. I don’t have to worry about driving and parking, after having a look around. We can get back on the bus, with one ticket we can get off and on again all day as we like.

New York is the only American city, where it makes no sense to rent a car, or only if we want to take a day trip out of the city. What Whitman wrote The Following in his poem entitled Broadway. Quit hurrying human Tides or day or night. What passions winnings losses artists when my Waters? What world of evil Bliss and Sorrows MD, What curious question in glasses.

Prints of love Beer NV scorned contempt hope aspiration. El Portal Del Arena throw the Myriad long drawn lines and groups. Could but thy flagstones curves besides tell their inimitable. Tales Buy Windows rich A huge Hotel Play sidewalks wide.
That was the endless sliding mincing shuffling feet dial like the parti-colored world itself. Like infinite teaming mocking life, the visored best unspeakable show and lesson.

New York is always inspired artists and Architects, as much as writers poets musicians and filmmakers.

It’s enough to think of Truman capote’s books Neil Simon theater plays Birthdays as taxi driver and Woody Allen’s films Plus the song entitled New York New York.

The Empire State Building used to be the highest building in the world, until the ill-fated World Trade Center surpassed.

So the highest skyscrapers in the world today or in Asia. The 102-story high Empire State Building has no need to hide itself even today.

Especially if we consider that it was built in 1931 during the period of the Great Depression.

The building holds its own even in the 21st century, but it’s so old that it served as a landing place for zeppelins.
This is visible on black and white archive pictures illustrating the history of the Tower.
new york map map of new york city nyc map the empire state building
Starting from the construction up to the present for the construction immigrants in Mohawk. Indians were employed in the entrance hall pictures of painter Royce bar Kyosho the seven miracles ancient times, and as he ate Miracle the Empire State Building.
The Express Elevator delivers visitors to the lookout Terrace at a speed of 122 feet per second. The Builders of the city found especially solid bedrock at about 200 ft In Central Park.

We can even see the huge reddish-brown rounded rocks which made it possible to use the same skyscraper correction methods developed in Chicago.

The expression skyscraper originated in New York.

Were the tops of the high buildings are often covered by clouds of steam coming from the river.

The engineer Shreve lamb and Harmon designed one of the most characteristic buildings of the 20th century.

The Empire State Building is built a 60,000 tons of steel particularly solid Chrome steel and Granite based on a detailed construction plan.

Carefully disciplined work does it was completed quickly four five stories being added each week.

The building is still one of the favorite places of tourist visiting New York City.

The observation deck is on the 86th floor with the Express Elevator we can reach even death 102nd Floor that floor is closed to the public. It doesn’t offer is good of you.

Is the Terrace one of the largest and most famous cities in the world. Is lying at our feet to the south on the tip of Manhattan Island the downtown area sprawl.

The Silhouettes the famous skyscrapers are easily recognizable. The place of the World Trade Center Twin Towers is painfully empty farther away the Statue of Liberty holds its torch High and among the checkerboard like geometrically ordered streets.

new york map map of new york city nyc map nycmap

new york map map of new york city nyc map ny map phase 3

new york map map of new york city nyc map ny

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