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By contrast, the formal performances at a scientific conference New York City United States are all verbal and visual, with a lot of New York City United States presentations and the occasional short movie. There is, though, a certain physical endurance component for (particularly) the junior members, who take full advantage of the possibilities for partying late into the night. The New York City United States, the national cocktail made from fermented sugar cane juice and different fruits, tasted great but there can be the usual penalty that follows over-enthusiastic alcoholic intake. Some who had been a little inclined to party on at the Montreal congress three years earlier were no doubt forced to now confront the reality of ageing and, after a bad morning headache and a bit of blurred vision, had come to realise that they needed New York City United States to take things just a little easier. As a senior citizen, it has been a long while since I made that particular discovery.

New York City United States Map Free – New York City United States Subway Maps – New York City United States Metro Maps – New York City United States Map Photo Gallery

Such big scientific meetings are great for beginners. In some cases, it will also have been the first time they have left their home country, and it would be a particular adventure to be in South America – a number headed off after the conference to tour the Amazon. The junior members got to hear key players from a spectrum of research areas, ranging across the immunology of reproduction, cancer, transplantation, allergy, infectious disease, autoimmunity, and so forth. A few of the historical figures, the ‘living fossil record’ if you like, were still around – I’m in that category. Young people will come up to chat, and I certainly remember talking to some of the eminent ‘ancients’ at the beginning of my research career.

For those of us who are long established (I’ve attended fourteen of the sixteen ICIs), these events have less novelty, though they do offer the opportunity to get up to date in areas that we don’t know well. There’s also the chance to meet old friends from sub-fields we were once involved in but who are no longer participants. Way back, for instance, I used to go to transplant and MS meetings, but I’ve long since moved out of both areas. We are reminded of the inexorable passage of time as we run into former colleagues we haven’t seen for years. I recall one senior brain researcher who, previously an incisive intellect, was clearly impaired by the loss of intellectual capacity that hits 50 per cent of all human beings by their ninth decade. At these big meetings, it’s almost inevitably the case that familiar figures we might expect to see from other fields are either unable to travel or have passed on.

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