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Hello everybody. And welcome to attache the show that gets you in out. And around some of the world’s greatest cities my name is Alex hunter. And I’ll be your Sherpa on this international adventure. And today we’re in the cities. So good they named it twice New York New York. So before we get started I need to issue a small disclaimer New York City is huge I mean not just geographically but experientially. And for us to try. And cram the essence of one of the most iconic cities on earth into a single episode. And try.

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And do it justice it’s just impossible. So as much as it seems like heresy to admit Brooklyn Williamsburg the Bronx Queens all of the other boroughs that are just as much a part of New York as any other we’re going to focus this show just on Manhattan please please don’t hate me but I have good news to make up for it we’re going to dedicate an entire show to the Greater New York City area in season three. So put down the pitchforks people New York is going to get the love it deserves hi New York City is served by three major airports.

And all three of them ranked at the worst in North America for just about everything waiting times lost luggage delays you name it but there’s something almost endearing in the awfulness of JFK Newark. And LaGuardia instead of raw hatred it’s more of a oh you kind of feeling all three airports are slated for major redevelopment in the next decade but until then oh you since you give you coming into any of those three airports we’re going to quickly tell you how to get into town from each of them despite being quite a long way out of town taxis are actually a great option from JFK because there’s a fixed fee $. plus tip do not forget to tip that you’re going to have to pay bridge or tunnel tolls as well don’t forget Manhattan is an isl. And I’m also a big fan of the airport er which is a bus service flat fee seventeen dollars each Wake free Wi-Fi.

And it drops you off at Penn Station right in the middle of Manhattan LaGuardia primarily but not exclusively the home of domestic flights LaGuardia is the closest airport to Manhattan taxis don’t have a fixed fare from the airport but it shouldn’t cost you more than thirty bucks plus tolls. And tip the New York City Airport bus also has a service from LaGuardia to Gr. And Central. And it’s just twelve bucks each way it will take you between . And minutes to get into Manhattan depending on while technically in New Jersey Newark Airport is actually really convenient if you’re staying anywhere in Chelsea Tribeca Greenwich Village Soho anywhere like that there’s a direct train link from just outside of the airport for right here in Penn Station which is really convenient only takes minutes.

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