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Getting around New York is damn good fun it takes some confidence some know-how. And sometimes a little bit of luck but you have a ton of options available to you the New York subway system doesn’t get nearly enough love from tourists in the s. And early s that had a well-earned reputation as being dirty. And dangerous but those days are long gone in my opinion the subway is the best way to get around New York no questions asked you avoid the city’s notoriously bad traffic it runs hours a day almost in all circumstances. And it’s really cost-effective at first glance the New York is Express trains in normal trains. And sometimes confusing nomenclature for lines I can see why tourists avoid but don’t spend some time with the map playa brava or global maps or city manager ask one of the customer service reps in the station.

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And before you know it you will be at some expert – but just in case a few things to remember as I said some lines are way to provide a faster service wherever there is an express service there’s also a st. And ard server we’ll stop every stop along the way local. And Express lines often use different tracks altogether. So make sure you’re st. And ing on the right platform for the train that you want to catch. So one quick thing to note about the New York subway system is you may have found the right subway station but double check the sign over the entrance to make sure that you have the right line. So for example this is th Street Penn Station but this entrance right behind me is only four lines one two. And three if you want the other lines the entrance could be across the street or at least a block away in this instance. So have a quick look otherwise you’re gonna be up. And down those stairs all day like we were several times yesterday embarrassingly New York stored-value transit system is the MetroCard you can use it on buses in the subway.

And just to be absolutely clear you have to have a MetroCard to get on the subway there’s no other way to do it you can get one in any subway station at the vending machines at a ticket booth also you can get them in newsst. And s. And a lot of convenience stores just look for the MetroCard sign in the window of the store there are a few different type of Metro cards single-use cards are . And are good for one use only you don’t get free transfers with them. And they expire two hours after you’ve bought them paper ride cards are stored value incoming values between . And bucks each time you ride the subway or bus two dollars. And fifty cents is decremented from it you can top them up at any of the subway station or train station vending machines MetroCard take a look on the wild side the quintessential New York taxi instantly recognizable the entire city swarms with them. So they’re never that hard to find. So I want to give you a few tips for taking a taxi in New York City couple of things to remember when taking taxis in New York when you’re telling the driver where you want to go don’t even bother mentioning the name of the place or even the address things change. So quickly here. So unless you’re going to some.

And marked destination like the Empire State Building the best way to reference your destination is by the intersection the street. And Avenue where your destination is. So for example if I want to get back to my hotel the outst. And ing Cambridge Chelsea instead of saying the address of the hotel I would say please driver took me to West between th. And Avenue of the Americas that way the driver knows the block the specific block that I need to go to on an otherwise very very long street New York City is one of Hoover’s flagship cities. So there are cars everywhere prices are usually comparable to if not cheaper than taxis but even Ober hasn’t figured out how to crack New York City’s traffic. So you still have that to contend with Manhattan is a very walkable city even when the weather is lousy like it is today it’s almost entirely flat.

And the grid system gives you a great indicator of distance there are about blocks in a mile when you’re walking along the Avenue that’s north to south average person can walk about a block a minute or blocks in an hour. So about miles an hour but note when you’re walking along the avenues east to west the blocks are generally a lot longer. So that rule does not apply but the great thing about walking in New York City is the little gems that you’ll discover along the way as the avenues take you through the different neighborhoods New York life unfolds before you Apolo should have seen him go should the diners. And dive bars. And delis that define New York. And never going to be the ones you find in a guidebook or a TV show not even this one you have to let serendipity take you by the h. And . And lead you on a New York adventure. So wrap up warm be careful when crossing the street.

And just let me actually do its thing. So not as perhaps exciting as a Mumbai Street crossing you do need to keep your wits about you when you’re crossing the street in New York City mainly because in America. And Europeans often forget this cars are allowed to turn right on a red light. And if you’re not reading where they’re going or where you’re going you’re going to get knocked on your ass it’s really easy to be drawn to the flickering lights of somewhere like Times Square like a depressing touristy moth but New York shines brightest when you step away from the glitz. And glamor explore the side streets alleyways. And back ways that make this city. So great.

So when you leave your hotel instead of automatically gravitating towards work everybody else is going go in the opposite direction take a walk into a diner or deli or a bagel shop that has people that look like they’ve been there their whole life they’re going to be. So full of stories about this awesome city that you’re never going to want to leave take a welcome – Wow this is a city that loves its food almost to the point of obsession some of the best restaurants in the world are here per sailor burner they are often mentioned among the best in the world but it’s also home to fusion foods experimental. And just plain cool spots like Danny Bowen Smithson Chinese. And basically everything that David Chang does but this is a city where trends change quickly.

And the hot restaurant du jour could be a distant memory in just a few weeks. So if this is your first time to New York my advice stick to the classics New York culinary Fair has its staples. And they should be respected. And revered. And we’re going to start with the gr. And daddy of them all pizza we’re here with Scott Weiner from Scott’s Pizza chores to give us an education on the best pizza in New York I am foaming at the mouth almost literally do this I’ve always when I’m this close to a pizzeria I like start shaking all right let’s do it you gotta upside down coming out intent like a new one if there’s a fresh one coming out just like shoot a flare in the air or like call my cell phone I’m just kidding I’ll be right over baby this is what I’m talking about. So we’re at New York Pizza suprema on th why here you know what we’re right across the street from Penn station.i Madison Square Garden totally touristy spot we would never find any good food over here but this place has been here since it’s like a holdout the best food in the area. And it’s the most typical it’s looking here because this is like typical New York slice shop but not in the village not downtown.

And Little Italy like in a spot that’s had it since the mid-s. And these days you would never expect to find anything good here everybody has heard about New York Pizza it’s a thing but what is new your pizza why is it. So unique why is it the best is it the best is that a Daymare question to ask a New Yorker I mean well look at New Yorkers always going to say it’s the best but I’m technically from New Jersey oh. So I’ll say that the thing of New York style but what makes it what it is specifically this type of New York style because that phrase New York style means a bunch of things but the New York slice is this like when most people think of New York style pizza they think like slice hanging off the edge of a paper plate you know with a little shininess on top of it.

And this is the kind of pizza it’s real typical in New York because it’s easy to eat when you’re on the go right. So we’ve got just the cheese slices what why that’s bait that’s pretty basic classy elegant I mean this is not a topping town there’s not a kind of place where you order like in toppings on a pizza pizza means this everything else is something additional here in New York is about crust sauce. And cheese the Holy Trinity the basics the holy tree okay. And. So you no fitness death for any good pizza places the cheese slice absolutely all right well I’m gonna I can’t st. And it any longer I have to get in here that’s enough crunch yeti trail ends to the bike it does not shatter it folds. And only cracks that the last is inch.

And a half awesome Wow yes it’s important that I keep up-to-date in the pizza world by reading magazines like pizza today magazine we do the research in Haiti it’s real always is the audience pizzerias it’s a trade magazine dude look at this it’s a whole article about authentic New York Pizza. And Corpus Christi I want. And after getting our Pizza education we went out in search of another New York staple the beloved bagel there are a few foods more quintessentially New York than a bagel with a smear of activity the credit connotation of schmear cream cheese now there are bagel places all over New York. And they vary in quality but generally they’re going to be way better than anything you get outside it’s a word Brooklyn bagel.

And coffee in Chelsea. And I am about to smear this all over my face. And all you did at the same time New York City is the most expensive city in America you probably figured that out when you book your hotel room ah but not everything that’s oh there’s a man in the bin behind you there’s gone now okay not everything here is painfully expensive in fact consumer goods. And food are very affordable if you’re not st. And ing where I’m st. And ing one can make an argument that New York is the fashion capital of the United States if not the entire world I can’t come here look at all this without adorning myself in the finest silk robes or the latest in velour jumpsuits yes that’s right I’m a fashionista good damn it there’s a hole in my jeans that’s embarrassing anyway New York really does have great shopping.

And things are almost always cheaper here than outside of the US due to low sales tax. And a bunch of other reasons. So be prepared for some hefty credit-card bills as we mentioned in other US episodes ATMs here charge you a fee just for the privilege of using them now that’s on top of any fee that your bank back home is going to charge for a foreign transaction. So that’s all the more reason to get a bank account that doesn’t charge you for overseas transactions. So how expensive is New York let’s do the rundown yeah pint of beer will cost you around $ a cup of coffee will cost around two it’s a sense if the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost the good old Big Mac you’re going to be about four dollars. And cents tipping I know I always go on about this when we’re in American cities but it is a uniquely American report I think it’s especially important to talk about here in New York City where commercial. And residential rents are.

So high I’ve ranted about this in previous episodes I’m going to try. And keep my cool here but the bottom line is this tip always at least % there is almost no reason to not tip if you think tipping is dumb. And you’ve got a better way for waitstaff to be compensated well that’s super duper but until you’re legislation is enacted in the year tip you not tipping because you think it’s dumb or tipping with a Bible quote or tipping or something that’s not money this is a jerk move you’re screwing over somebody who works hard for a living. So be cool. And tip [Applause] as we wrap up this episode it feels like we’ve barely even scratched the surface of this most famous of cities but I hope at the very least we’ve equipped you with the know-how to make the most of your time here around every corner New York offers you something new something interesting something delicious something exciting it’s a city that deserves to be explored.

And rewards the curious visitor I’ve been here dozens of times but I still have more Wow moments here than in any other city I’ve ever visited. And I know you will too. And that my friends is the atashi guide to New York City as I said we’re going to be back here in season to cover the rest of this amazing city but for now if you have any tips or tricks that you think every visitor to New York needs to know then leave them in the comments section below. And while you’re there take a moment to subscribe to our blog cuz we have a lot of great cities coming up. And finally if you think that we should come to your city in season then let us know in the comments on Twitter or on Facebook we are excited to explore the rest of this world with you you.

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