Good morning everybody. Lower down, good night sleep, good breakfast really up early start, I wasn’t holding every up for a change, even though I did manage this beautiful morning time lapse, have a look at this, oh there’s clouds on the mountains and we’re going down further today, now I know that, oh sorry just gotta get over this, Quite a lot of down today and there is a couple of very steep up hills, but we’ll just take our pace, we don’t have a huge amount of distance to cover today if we don’t want to, we still have one more night in the mountains before, heading back to Pokhara. So we can take a leisurely day today, still sort of reasonably early to, namaste, namaste, sort of early to, beat the heat because at this lower levels you still got the elevations, the sun has come through already, as you can see it does tend to toast you and get hot so, trying to, oops sorry about that with the camera.


Still trying to clear, some of the high elevations before the sun gets really hot because on the way up, I got toasted, this is where I got toasted on the way up, we do get into some forest later on, so hopefully by the heat of the day if you can call anything in the Himalayas heat of the day, I have no control over the camera today we’ll, hopefully be in a little bit of forest, get a bit sheltered from the heat. But yes, excellent night sleep, not too cold against low elevations, no sign or snow freezing, and, and beautiful scenery, I did say goodbye to the, snow top mountains which I don’t know if you can see just up there, but yeah, it’s sort of kind of sad. Now I’ve been on a steady, steady trek down, I’m actually now trekking through some of those rice fields we saw earlier, rice and maize growing here, I’m gonna trek around that that village, and then I think I have an up and I’m actually heading, much to my distress up there.

So I know, when I get to the bottom here there is a really long, long slog uphill, so, you might hear from me breathless halfway, sun is nice, air is nice, fill those lungs, drink in the beauty and get trekking, see you at the next viewpoint or breathless point. And, we are heading, oops sorry about the camerawork, down, down, down, down and across the river to one of the wobbly bridges and then, I’m gonna have rest because on the other side it’s the up, up, up, up up, up bit, but it’s beautiful, lush, and green, I can hear the water, from the river I see lots of breathless people heading on their way up too, but that size of the scenery, is just breathtaking, especially when have to climb up it, fortunately we’ve got a bit of down first, let’s take you down you the bridge, give you a view from there. And good morning from wobbly bridge in Nepal or good day, whatever it is, hope you’re having a great day, I’m having a fantastic day because I’m heading down the mountain, so most of my morning has been downhill.

Of course, with mountaineering you don’t just go down, you go up as well, so I’m enjoying my time on wobbly bridge, I hope you’ve enjoyed our time in Nepal, coming to an end very soon, which is a real shame, the people are wonderful, I’ve picked a great time of year, November, early December, good time to come, it’s, good for hiking, the snow that we had up at the Annapurna base camp, was actually the first snow of the season, so that was actually quite nice. I highly recommend coming here, if you’re going to do the climb, either to ABC or things, do get a little bit fit, do a little bit of practice, but it’s well worth the journey. Today I’ve got one more, night in the mountains before heading to Pokhara, after Pokhara it’s Kathmandu, to Kathmandu it’s back to India, but only briefly and after that well you have to wait and see.

If you’re enjoying this, these are, well three times a week at the moment travels, whatever they are, if you’re enjoying these, remember to comment, to join me three times a week on my travels, give the big thumbs up if you like it, comments, suggestions, what you want to see more of below, just let us know. In the meantime, take a breath, take a rest, let’s go up that hill, see you at the top, for a cup of tea. Climb, climb, climb those steps, stopped for my first, photo break, honestly it’s a photo break, I mean come on look at that view, you wanted to see that didn’t you? It’s not just to give me my, breath back which is very generous, but look at that, and that river we just crossed comes from the snow at that mountain, wends its way down that valley, unto here.

That’s the bridge we were on a little while ago, I’m actually, glad to be off that, nice scenery but all that wobbly and the depths, drop down from there I’m not that good at heights you know, here we go, hey guys, see, got my backpack. Okay, upward and onward. And, roadblock, it’s a big, bull, cow I don’t know what it is, it’s big and it’s got horns, well I’ll give way to it.

Okay. And continuing our hike up, still going up the stairs, we’ve gone through a little sort of village, the houses, gardens over here, the mountains, majestically peeking over there, aren’t they beautiful? Peaks to the right and left snow capped, over eight thousand metres and seven thousand metres I think, one’s the Fang, one’s Annapurna I, I think. Okay, getting to the halfway point where there’s a little stop, where I’m definitely going to have a rest, get some water, wipe sweat off, change my glasses to sunglasses, the sun’s beating down now, and, put my hat on while there’s not much heat in the sun, at this altitude you can still toast your head, soft skin gets toasted very easily, and I think we’re by the halfway point, look, somewhere to sit.

Oh boy, beauty, but difficult, sunglasses and hat have come out, the sun is starting to cook me, these steps are, I’m more than halfway up I hope I’ve got to get to the top, there but, now higher, when I showed you this from the other side, we’re now higher than that, from that side, I think, this is what I’m telling myself so, I can’t have far to go up, let’s get trekking. You know how they say don’t look down? Well with lots and lots of steps, I say don’t look up. Fantastic view and a breather, And then, oh yeah, just a few more steps to go, I’ve already done two thousand, one hundred and fifty, so there must be only fifty steps left, halfway? We halfway? oh boy.

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