Here we go, other side of the valley, just about made it up the stairs, just the last few to go, I thought you could come with me, up the hill to a bakery, hey donkey, looks like you’re getting a well-deserved rest too.

Okay, will get going. Keep those legs going on up, whew another coffee shop, and I’m sure we’re stopping at one of them, well I will, my legs will. What a view! Now, we’ve taken a, slight, new route not new it was the plan, we haven’t been up this route, we went up another route where the river splits I don’t know if you can remember six, seven days ago, we went up around Poon Hill and around that way, up to Annapurna, down to this split, and now we’ve taken that left fork on the way down, and it is down, down, down, down to the river.


I managed the uphill, I didn’t even stop for cake and coffee at the German bakeries, how good was that? but I did stop and take lots of beautiful views, have a look at this, from that viewpoint. Now, heads down here let me show you, been wending our way down, down, down here and there’s still quite a way to go, oops. We’ve been going downhill maybe for thirty, thirty five minutes already, and it’s still down, it’s quite steep down as well, I’m glad I didn’t have to do this on the way up.

And continuing down, got to a village not quite at the bottom yet, close to the bottom in amongst the villages. Drying the bedding, from last night it must a nightmare drying around here, drying hair as well also a nightmare. Getting everything ready, namaste and, then, yep, we’re going down some more.

Now I know we’ve, walked a long way over these, last three days, but a few of these signs are starting to worry me, for example, Tibet guest house, aren’t I supposed to still be in Nepal? oh well, I’ve always wanted to go to Tibet as well. Having a cup of tea and some donkeys come through, I’m not sure if they’re supposed to be coming this way but, donkey confusion. Okay, had a cup of tea, now we’re pushing on, down further into this beautiful valley, getting greener and luscious, it’s also getting hotter, down to one layer now.

Didn’t bother to put the shorts on because they rub a little bit when I walk, and this little, slippery path, waking my legs up again after that rest, a cup of tea refreshed and more downward, downward, downward here we go, how beautiful is that? Okay here we go, there’s the drop down to the river, there’s, the, path, let’s go along, oops okay I’m reading where I’m going so I’m sorry for pointing the camera in that direction, I’m sure you can forgive me, we really don’t want to go, down there. Let’s give you a sideways view as I, shuffle along the path, okay made it across the narrow part, it’s still a steep rocky part here, I’m just gonna turn the camera this way and okay, I’m gonna let this guy come past, can you believe this? these guys, they’re incredible, I’ll go, I’ll I turn around, to get a view of him going across that path, here you go. That’s a steel girder, that he just casually, taken across, down the mountain, out the other side for some construction, as you do, in Nepal.

These guys are quite remarkable. He’s gonna take that down, across that path, across the river, rather him than me, at least he’s got somewhere to lay down if he’s tired. Hey so we’ve, been down one side, down into the river, survived the bridge, survived the water, survived the landslide, now we’re trekking around the edge here, nice, beautiful path, nicely in the shade, nice temperature, heading towards our lunch, we’re pushing on a bit more before lunch, so again, oop, something landed on me, so we can get a bit more of it, so I’ll show you this nice path, slightly uphill, that’s okay for walking on.

We’re doing okay, see, we’re looking all right. We’re further down the river, we’ve had lunch, made friends with a pussycat that came to curl up on my lap, but now we’re heading down, down last hour and half hiking of the day. We’re in a valley so the sun is still out, it’s up there, but we’re tucked down, here, following this trail along here, it’s quite an easy trail, in terms of, it goes a little bit up, a little bit down but it is quite rocky underfoot and also occasionally crosses a little stream though, so it’s a bit slippery, so I’m gonna focus on not falling over, chat to you later.

Good boy, yeah, good boy, good boy, and, we’ve arrived at Kyumi end of the day today. Tea time and look what mug they gave me, world’s greatest boyfriend..

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