Namibia Travel Road Trip day 12 Sesriem to Duwisib Castle via the Namib Naukluft National Park

Well today’s journey is quite a spectacular one, we’re leaving the Sesriem area behind but not the desert. I’m actually transiting across part of the desert not the sand dune part but this most amazing flat area that’s between the Naukluft mountains on one side, the Tiras mountains on the other side and the desert, the Namib Desert on another. I’m heading south from Sesriem on this amazingly straight, barren, quiet road.

Namibia Travel Road Trip day 12 Sesriem to Duwisib Castle via the Namib Naukluft National Park Photo Gallery

I’ve seen more animals and Oryx then I have cars and people, but it is beautiful I mean look at this. Here I am, just parked on the road, put the UAV up for a little flight just let it do a circle round, and have a look, that’s the Naukluft mountains in the background there, I’m going there in a couple of days as well so make sure you join me for that. In the meantime I am just standing here absorbing this most beautiful, even though it’s barren, but beautiful breathtaking view.

Look at the sun, that, up that direction, that’s where I’ve just come from that’s Sesriem up there, way way way at the end of that road as the camera swings around the desert is then going to appear on that left-hand side, oh it’s err, it is lovely and the fact that it is so quiet, you know there’s not hundreds of tourists roaring around Namibia, you know it doesn’t take much to get away from it all you can see how it’s flattening out there, that goes straight into the Namib Desert. You can’t really see it this angle but the sand dunes start over that horizon. And then at the south part of the road you’ve got the Tiras mountains, this is the Namib Naukluft park, the public road runs through it, there’s no park fees or anything for that it’s just called the National Park to preserve it and make sure it’s not developed in any way although I’m not exactly sure what you would develop in a section like this but it is just, I mean look at this, so beautiful.

I’ve seen a few Oryx beside the road, that’s the Gemsbok, I did see notices warning me for giraffe but I haven’t seen any giraffe, did see some zebra, did see some springbok, and very very occasionally saw another car, but look at that road, that road’s straight straight down there, straight to my next destination. Well after a day’s drive of stopping and taking far too many photographs, because the scenery was so beautiful, I finally arrived at Duwisib Castle. Just missed the sunset, well sunsets just going down over there, so, and I am at a castle.

Now you can camp here but I booked the room, I didn’t realize the rooms actually in the castle so tonight I’m sleeping in the castle. Now, from the outside it doesn’t look very much, but it’s what’s inside. And this, Charlie, haven’t got my name right but you know, is my room for the night.

How’s that? And thick blankets because I can feel it’s already getting cold. Big comfy beds. It smells nice in here too.

And, wow! A large bathroom. Not sure what that area is. Nice big shower A basin.

Well that’s a score for the night, that’ll be a comfy warm night. Blankets, duvets, ah, nice. I was expecting some you know, scrubby little room.

This is okay. I think I’ll go and sleep here..

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