Namibia roadtrip day 9 Walvis Bay Tropic of Capricorn Namibia Sesriem

Well here I am on the road between Swakopmund just behind me and Walvos Bay the two major towns on this part of the coastline and it’s an amazing road on the one side you’ve got this the Atlantic Ocean some guys fishing on the beach a couple of kids going out there with their boogie board the water is freezing so I don’t want to be them a light mist rolling in the guys over there fishing on the rocks then you’ve got the road and you’ve got the desert literally the Namib Desert is just coming across here right there you’ve got the road that goes to Walvis Bay and then the Atlantic Ocean it really really is quite remarkable and it’s a beautiful scenery this is how a lot of this area gets its moisture where the heat of the desert meets the cold of the Atlantic Ocean and creates this sort of fine mist so although it looks sunny and warm you quite fresh Walvis Bay is a very important well it’s the only real harbour where most imports come into Namibia so that’s so we’re going to see that in a little while but from there I’m going to turn inland and cross that desert to go into the heart of the Namib desert to go to Sesriem.

Namibia roadtrip day 9 Walvis Bay Tropic of Capricorn Namibia Sesriem Photo Gallery

I’m just breathing in this is my last view of the ocean on this trip from then now on I’ll be going inland into the desert into the heat again so I’m breathing in that lovely ocean freshness and that cool feel from the sea listening to that lovely sound the waves of lap in I hope we’re being able to pick it up nicely goodbye Swakopmund a little bit of beach road a little bit of fantastic beach great fishing territory this hello desert well I’ve driven for minutes now, an hour and a half from Walvis Bay the coast inland crossing what is mostly a really empty area of desert and I’ve come to a viewpoint which is like a outcrop that rises up out of the ground over the plains here we go there’s a little lay by where people park some quiver trees that people are looking at and then a view over there so I’m just going to take a little walk up over these broken rocks set up on that little bit whoops and hopefully get a couple of pictures looking down now all.

I’ve got to do is work out how to climb over this tese are the quiver trees another unique tree of Namibia and they’re called quiver trees not because they quiver at night and make a strange sound which a lot of people think but because the branches which you can see up there are hollow and the san people or the Bushmen that used to live here take these branches break them off and put their arrows inside to make quivers with hence the name quiver tree they do quiver strangely at night as well at but that’s not where the name comes from at night all those branches they shake at night creating very spooky sound but they’re very unique tree one of the few trees as you can see around here to survive in this really harsh arid environment two reasons they survive the heat one is they are hollow and all the branches are hollow so that they can actually cause evaporation inside the tubes which is why they break off and make good quiver the other thing they’ve got if you look closely.

If I can get in on the bark their bark is in layers I’ll not pull any off be very careful there like an onion which protects it from the heat and traps the moisture between all the different layers on the tree and it has this very unique color to help it reflect the sun I can actually feel it it’s actually quite hot so that’s a Namibian quiver tree and you’ll see them dotted in random areas around the desert living were pretty much nothing else can good news folks I found out how to synch from my ipod into the car stereo so now we got tunes well I left the comfort of a hotel room in Swakopmund, drove down the coast road turned inland at Walvis Bay crossing some amazing countryside I mean some desolate some canyons heading towards Sesriem and right now I’m at the Tropic of Capricorn and it’s beautiful.

I know I say this about everywhere but just Namibia has some amazingly diverse scenery I mean it’s been scrub land and flat and sand and then there’s been canyons which have gone down and out off no water in the canyons and just over there now I don’t know if you can see these amazing looking mountains far far away I’m not sure what mountains they are shimmering in the afternoon heat and just down there you can’t see it is the canyon that’s the car that’s not so interesting but then this is the Tropic of Capricorn okay let’s get on I’ve only got one hour to get to Sesriem and check in before they close the gate on me because you gotta be there before dark something lets get going well welcome to Sesriem arrived in the dark which is not ideal especially when camping it’s not ideal to arrive in the dark anywhere but especially at Sesriem because they close the gates a dark Sesriem has got this very confusing double gate system but what I’m going to do over the next couple of days is show you about the double gate system how to get into Sesriem what Sesriem is all about how to get into the desert how it all works that’ll be coming up tomorrow first tonight.

I’m cooking me supper I’ve already cooked my chicken on the gas stove I’m cheating I haven’t put a fire on tonight I arrived late I arrived late not because not have enough time but because the journey oh my goodness was so beautiful on the way I kept having to stop and take photographs and posts and oh I mean I could have done in half the time but scenery was too spectacular so arrived a little bit late did just scrape in the gate they let me in thankfully found my campsite in the dark thankfully there is a light here and one power point so I’m going cooking my supper on a gas stove I’ve got some chicken cooked a nice portion of chicken cook some for tonight and some for tomorrow for my lunch so I can have some leftover now I’m just cooking the pasta I’m going to put some sauce in the pasta pasta and sauce when that’s cooked toss the chicken in sprinkle some cheese on top pour a glass of wine on the side or some juice of course some nice juice and then I’ve got a nice supper and set for the night because I won’t have an early night but I’ve got to get prepared tonight because tomorrow morning I’m getting up very early to drive into the desert to see sunrise in sossusvlei.

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