Namibia roadtrip day 8 explore Swakopmund

What a beautiful day in Swakop thank you very much you’re welcome sir well a couple of days of staying in a very nice hotel in Swakopmund living in the lap of luxury enjoying all the modern amenities like electricity and good breakfast so today I’m going to go out and about and explorer Swakopmund which is one of the few coastal towns in Namibia there’s Swakopmund Walvis Bay Luderitz Henties Bay (if you can call Henties Bay a town) really a fishing village and that’s it Swakopmund is one of the oldest towns in Namibia certainly the oldest along the coast it has lots of old style architecture and is really a town that sort of stuck in the s wedged between the atlantic sea on one side and the Namib Desert on the other quite an amazing place people area super friendly, weather is usually nice.

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Swakopmund is very unusual in that it has pretty much zero rain and the roads around Swakopmund like the skeleton coach road are made of salt because they get so little rain they can do that quite amazing but but I’ll take you out and about and show you round Swakopmund see what you think it’s not a big exciting town small enough to enjoy got the beach although the Atlantic water quite cool not exactly your tropical swimming water it looks pretty and what else well I’ll take you around we’ll see what we can find it’s a bagel you’re carving the marula fruits a good Namibia you can take have you caught anything? only one well good fishing fishermen, like me, not the biggest talkers still carving away nicely yes how much are they?

It’s different price ah well I’m very very poor so I’ve got to let me see I’ve got three dollars I’ve got no,, I didn’t come out to buy anything it’s warm cheers cheers take that’s great rock shandy lovely refreshing drink here you are, be careful with the plate its’s a bit hot ok thank you, enjoy your meal thank you very much you’re welcome one of the many good things about Swakopmund apart from it being a nice stuck in time village, being a bit cooler by the coast, being a small family sized town is the food you can get here excellent seafood being on the coast of course but I’m a bit of a steak man. I’ve gone for steak not just any steak today I’ll move it round so you can get a better view this is a kudu steak or a game steak the game meat in Namibia is beautiful very healthy because game meat is very low in fat kudo steak is one of my favorite look at this mmmmm look at that that is how you have a steak so tender I don’t know why they gave me a sharp knife oh wow that is beautiful mmm cooked perfectly no sauce natural juices healthy meat for red meat delicious melt in the mouth oh and got my vegetables as well you know because I want to stay healthy.

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