Namibia roadtrip day 7 Skeleton Coast to Swakopmund Namibia

Well, I’ve enjoyed a few days on the road out in the bush exploring Spitzkoppe then up and down the skeleton coast it’s been amazing, I mean the scenery and the change in the diversity from the deserts of the coast from the mountains to the flat’s been exciting and now I’m heading for a little bit of civilization pretty much the only town on the coast I’m heading to today Swakopmund ooh it’s cold! that water is oh so cold [shiver] okay definitely no swimming here no wonder the sign says no swimming there’s no way you would catch me swimming here Swakopmund. Namibia’s premier seaside town and when, I say premier I don’t mean it’s like flashy and glitzy I pretty much mean it’s almost their only seaside town but it’s a nice town it’s an old town a lot of the buildings are from s and early s giving a nice sort of old almost village feel typical seaside town there is a beautiful beaches great restaurants excellent seafood of course being right by the Atlantic Ocean here seafood is one of the the main things in the restaurants, fishing the activity there’s also lots of other activities there’s quite a lot of clothes.

Namibia roadtrip day 7 Skeleton Coast to Swakopmund Namibia Photo Gallery

Namibia is, sorry – Swakopmund is sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean on one side and ok that’s not it the desert on the other side putting in a very unique and amazing location I’ll try and show you some footage from the air just to show you the situation the Swakopmund is in it makes it a very special place to visit it’s sort of halfway up and down the country as well so when you’re doing a tour of Namibia it’s quite good to make a stop in Swakopmund and just sort of refresh & civilize especially if you have been camping in the hot dusty areas all the time it’s nice to sort of take a break and get some civilization should we say go out and eat in a restaurant instead of eating your own camp food sleep in a proper bed instead of having to put up the roof tent or put out a tent each night, it’s nice good afternoon ladies good afternoon are you having lunch? yes we are having lunch and what’s for lunch? we’ve got chicken and broccoli sounds lovely welcome to Cafe Anton at Hotel Shweizerhaus which has a reputation of being a posh must go to restaurants in Swakopmund apparently does very good apfelstrudel so here. I am all ready, looking fit, hey am I looking nice and tidy to to a a posh restaurant? ah, well let’s hope they don’t notice I haven’t got any shoes on I just parked the car and it sort of left the shoes in the car because I was at the beach and I sort of got wet and sandy and my shoes are a real mess so I thought it would be easier to leave them than trail a mess let’s see if, I hope they think the same here we are.

Cafe Anton wow Guten Tag (Good Afternoon) Can I have some apfelstrudel Yes And is it possible to get a pot of tea Yes Of course Would you like some cream with it Yes please OK are you with the group? No thank you very much Well I’m here at Cafe Anton in Swakopmund the best patisserie and bakery apparently in the country and they either didn’t notice or they didn’t care that I didn’t have any shoes on and for my low set healthy diet apfel strudel mit vroom with cream apple strudel and cream it’s healthy because it’s fruit, it’s apple hmm it looks good it’s full of apple none of this skimpy apple business it’s got full of apple hmm and it’s warm oh hmmm hmmm.

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