Namibia roadtrip day 6 Cape Cross and Skeleton Coast

That location is the cape cross seal reserve one of the world’s largest colonies of Cape fur seals distinct from other seals because their ears are on the outside, but also a massive colony now if you are a little pup like this guy looking for is mum how would you go about finding her among a quarter of a millioin other bleating (sounding rather like sheep) seals good luck to you the biggest attraction by far along this coastline is fishing rock and surf fishing right off the beach there is literally hundreds of kilometers so you can roll up to the beach pick your spot cast a line if you don’t like the neighbors or you’re not getting good fishing pack up, put everything in the back of the truck take a drive down the beach find another spot that hopefully is a little more suitable to your taste there is plenty of space to choose from want to pick up some souvenirs? pull into one of the lay-bys and find these abandoned little stalls where you make a donation and take away.

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Some salt yep the other thing you’ll find along this coast is these massive fields fields of salt or try and track down some wildlife there’s a jackal! and keep a lookout along the road for the slightly slower moving traffic like this little desert chameleon another thing the skeleton coast is famous for is its shipwrecks now a lot of the shipwrecks are based far north but there is one or two including this fairly recent one in the southern half of the skeleton coast you can see it from the beach so if it’s very easy to find and despite a lot of rumors that, you know, skeleton coast is called skeleton coast.

Because of the skeletons of the ships or the skeletons of the sailors that didn’t survive once they swam ashore and then found themselves with in the desert skeleton coast is actually named after all the bones of the whales that are washed up on the shore the main current that comes up here comes from, pretty much the South Pole where there’s lots of big whales that die and their bones are brought up by the current and deposited on the shore here hence there’s lots of bones and skeletons that’s how the name came about skeleton coast I’m here hiding behind the truck from the wind which is howling across this desert and I’m here to see a plant called the Welwitschia Mirabilis it’s a unique plant that is neither a tree nor a shrub or a grass it has its own unique categorization and is only found in one place in the world and that’s right here the Welwitschia Mirabilis to most people though the skeleton coast road is just a drive-through they may stop off and see the seals stop off and see a shipwreck have a look at a few things on the way but to most people its heading north to the skeleton coast National Park and from there inland into.

Damaraland now it’s good long drive and to be sure an interesting one on salt roads I don’t know any other country in the world that has roads made of salt but kilometers north of Swakopmund you will eventually arrive at the Skeleton Coast National Park gate and that’s it for other day folks I hope you enjoyed our little trip through skeleton coast highlighting some of the things that you can do there even though when you first turn up it looks entirely empty I will be doing more posts explaining about the gate system and the entrance and exit through the skeleton coast National Park but in the meantime if you’ve got any questions or queries about the skeleton coast and traveling through it drop us a message or give us a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with any relevant information enjoy our travels and tomorrow w’re off to Swakopmund.

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