Getting up in the morning heading into the desert reading the sunrise here’s what can happen if a) you don’t let your tyres down b) you don’t really know what you’re doing now the people who rented this car are helpfully pushing while one of the shuttle drivers is helpfully driving them out the technique wiggling the wheel keeping it steady but not over accelerating it because if you push too hard on the throttle the car just gets sunk deeper and deeper in not how you want to start in the morning but a good bit of exercise I guess there we go, now he’s out of the most sandy patch but he doesn’t stop here he’s still not got good traction he’s got to keep it going wiggling that wheel, make it to firmer ground, and now we can go of to and just, well, take the car probably just going to stop on some firmer land and pick them up now you see the other car demonstrating that you can get through quite easily embarrassing, good job it wasn’t me well here I am in the Namib Desert and to get here well not specifically here, but this morning’s routine to see the Namib Desert was like this.


Rise it was packed away the sleeping bags packed away the roof tent had a quick breakfast that I prepared before (yesterday) then had a drink and drove into the desert so I trundled in there dark half asleep obviously carefully reading where I’m going there was an Oryx ran across the road right in front of me it was really beautiful, was a bit scary it woke me up a little bit then you park the car then there’s a little hut it’s like now in the morning it’s a very cheerful lady in the house selling tickets to the four by fours that then transfer you from the two by four car park to the four by four through a thick sandy patch now if you’re got a four by four you can drive it if you want but a lot of people get stuck because if you don’t know what you’re doing don’t let your tyres down and all that.

So it’s Namibian dollars and that’s to transfer there and back and these shuttles run between the by and the by car park which is just outside sossusvlei itself big sand dune and they run all day about every minutes they shuttle backward and forward about eight of these shuttles go round and round and round just up and down and these guys have got super low tyres so they trundle through, ten people can go on there but there doesn’t need to be full and basically go back and down all the time and these drivers, well they must be good at driving in sand they drive this every day how many times do you do this trip every day every day every day here more than or times a day but you never get stuck no no no no so hopped on that got on there got to the x car park hopped off there and then went and climbed a sand dune and watched the sunrise over the desert and that is what people come to Sossusvlei for and then you suddenly see all these sand dunes you’ve been driving through before you can suddenly see them because you’re driving in the dark before and you’re in the middle of the desert suddenly you wake up light comes up.

And yes beautiful colours as it changes on the sand and you see all the beautiful curves of the different sand dunes you can climb up as high as you like there’s some pretty big sand dunes there I think the biggest one that you can climb is about meters high climbing in sand is a lot more difficult if anybody’s walked on the beach you know difficut it’s a walk on soft sand well then put that in a huge pile meters high and start climbing on it it’s a lot tougher than it looks so you’re best getting rid of your shoes I mean shoes because the sand goes in everything so your flip-flops or kickoff your shoes climb up quite a task and then made my way back on the way back there’s a dune called dune which is kilometres from Sesriem very original hey? and it’s a bit it’s a bit of a strange sand dune because it’s a barchan dune (which is a type of due) that stands alone it’s not linked to other sand dunes which most barchan sand dunes are so this sand dune is he big sand dune. I think a hundred and thirty meters high moves moves something like meters a year as the wind blows it backwards and forwards it’s a very beautiful looking sand dune because it’s so well defined and so separate from the others you can actually see a whole sand dune so I stopped there on the way back as well has alittle climb up there light was still nice for me now I’m heading back to camp to get some well-deserved rest because getting up at a.m. now not really having a proper breakfast I stopped here had some more breakfast on the way back now I’m going to go back and have something to eat now what I might do instead of actually bothering to cook for myself because it’s hot and I don’t want to get the fire out. I’m going to drive to solitaire which is about km back over the road towards Swakopmund and Windhoek I took yesterday but there’s a particularly good bakery, there’s a bakery, a very good bakery, a very famous bakery it does have very good apple pie or apple crumble apple crumble but I was thinking I can pick up either a meal there or some rolls to go with the chicken I cooked yesterday I’m going to go investigate solitaire there’s a garage a curio shop bakery and I’ll go and see what that’s all about in the meantime enjoy the desert.

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