Good morning little bulbul and trust you to turn up at breakfast time, what? Time to pack up the tent for the last time this trip. Thank you very much tent. Cosy safe home to live in, thank you.

Going to see something that’s very typical in this area, and that’s a donkey cart well it’s been no over a week now since we’ve been, since we turned off the tar road near Okahandja and went to Spitzkoppe and all that time we’ve been driving on salt roads, gravel roads now it’s time to say goodbye to those and say hello to the tar road once again so back on tar from here we’re going to go to Rehoboth and then Windhoek and then the end of this trip in Namibia so I hope you’ve really enjoyed it, I have, it’s been great fun. I can’t say I’m sad to say goodbye to the gravel road.


I mean it’s always a bit more challenging driving on them but it’s very dusty you have to be careful and wary of skidding out of control but you know you just gotta take it slow and steady it’s something special about going through the countryside and just on a gravel road it makes it feel I was gonna say so much more remote but it is a remote but it makes it feel that little bit more special so say goodbye to the gravel there we go bye gravel road thank you very much you only provided us with one puncture and that was right at the end and say hello to the gravel road to the tar road which will now all take us safe we’re just going to go to the junction at the end there then we’re heading off to Windhoek and north there we go hand on the tar road back to Windhoek and it’s still beautiful, beautiful clear blue skies a surprisingly nice smooth tar road which I’m really enjoying but this is it this is the end of my trip I have had a fantastic time. I’ve really enjoyed every minute of it even the early mornings slightly chilly times cold times it’s been brilliant now got to go back to Windhoek so back on the main road this is the road that actually runs all the way from South Africa all the way up and into Windhoek, it’s a long long straight road not a great deal on here to keep you occupied but there we go and ah ah it’s gonna be so difficult to not have to put up a tent and cook my food okay well you know I don’t mind someone else cooking the food but not sleeping outside and seeing those stars, going back to cities oh well I hope that you have enjoyed this trip as much as I have because I’ve had a fantastic time and I hope you’ve enjoyed every minute as much as I have but for now let’s go back to Windhoek I’ve got to hand in this car to the car rental I’ve got to fix a tire first and then I leave Namibia oh well let’s look for a corner in the road and then let’s go to Windhoek bidding a fond farewell to our car bags are packed ready to go..

I handing over the car had to pay good morning how you doing good thank you one car to return. How was the trip? very good very good lovely yes oh and some of the towles are in the back here hello, hello, I’m here also on its way one very dusty bag you need to clear customs in Jo’burg, in Jo’burg yes, and pick up the bag in Jo’burg too – yes because you have to pass through customs and then through domestic yeah thank you thank you bye passport expiry..I wonder what they do with all this information that they gather here and all these bits of paper they must get every day I wonder if they actually do anything with them expiry date ok, there we go. There’s me tickets, bits of paper. Okay.

And to security, going to go through security so we can’t record through there. Back in a while. Well made it back to the airport, dropped off the rental car, got through customs and immigration they let me leave, shame really and now I’m just in the waiting lounge waiting to catch my flight.

Nice and early, it’s always good to be early, especially when you’ve got connections onward. So it’s time to have a coffee find somewhere to have a nice coffee and chill and relax for a little bit morning, thank you And it’s farewell Namibia, for this trip there it is, flat hot dry but so beautiful Well not to worry I’m sure I’ll be back, I don’t know when, and if you go, you drop me a line and tell me what you thought of Namibia as for me..if you need any help during disembarkation please remain in your seat once all other passengers have disembarked the cabin crew will gladly assist you we trust that you’ve enjoyed your flight with us and we look forward to seeing you again we wish you are proudly South Africans goodbye, hamba kahle, totsiens Thanks thank you bye and as for me apart from I’m gonna pick up my bags now, the journey doesn’t end here. I may have finished my trip to Namibia but I’m not stopped.

Just grab these, oh.. there we go just gotta find my way out So are you gonna join me on my next trip? Come on, let’s go somewhere exciting.

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