Well I’ve had my night of luxury in Duwisib castle didn’t have to put up the tent stayed in a room inside the castle, a nice breakfast all cooked and provided for me, nice hot cup of coffee.

It’s a coolish start to the day and today I’m actually trekking back to the desert because one of the other areas I want to visit is Naukluft, the Naukluft Mountains. Now there is a campsite inside the Naukluft mountains inside the Naukluft National Park right on the edge of the desert so today I haven’t got a long drive but as usual probably take longer than I anticipated time because I will amble my way along the roads and then take photographs of everything I find interesting which along that route is a lot even though there’s not a great deal there scenery eye popping although it’s a bit windy today so you might get a lot of dust and wind in the air so then i’m going to head into the neck of mountains I’m going to be camping again hmm and I’ve definitely got a slow puncture, tyre is going down so I’m going to have to change it before I go any further oh, pain. Ugh.


Oh boy, I think I can see this tyre is heading down [chuckle] well after stopping half an hour ago to help somebody else change a tire looks like I’m gonna change my own spare tire ah, not what I wanted, but there we go as that’s what we carry spare for there’s no, you know, you don’t call AA or the RAC or those sort of guys out here, out here you do it yourself. So if you’re gonna hire a car come out here remember to learn how to change a tire wheel spanner, Jack this is an unusual Jack I’m looking for a tool, I think this is it there are some strange things in here I have no idea what they are I’ve got a tool so I can lower my spare wheel so handbrake on make sure it’s nice and secure, cars not going to roll away..ok, none of these is the right tool oh maybe that is going to find out oh so much sand, it’s not fun in here After failing to work out you put this pole together it comes in three parts yeah you insert a little hole in the back you try to hook something that drops down the spare wheel I’m just going to put my other spare on there, spare tire changed.

Now just need to put everything away, pack it away, clean the dust off everything, head in to the park still might catch sunset if I’m lucky now where do all these bits go Ah, reception good evening, good evening how are you great sorry for the wait that’s alright, today is the thirtieth? twenty ninth? twenty ninth the whole day long all day right and it’s ? yeah I’ve got the right year then choose any available camp site of your choice campsites still in the same place straight down? yeah all the way down lovely thank you very much okay I’ve selected my campsite driven up to it and it’s raised on a little like cliff edge down this side quite a tumble into the river so I want to turn round and back into it and what I don’t want to do is fall off the edge of the cliff that would not be a very good idea did’nt really want to do that either, oops some big rocks there, I’ll have to check the front of the car the car has done so well until the last day and then, well sorry rock, hope you haven’t destroyed too much of the car there we go we’re in position now, far enough away from the edge of the cliff, I think. I’ll go and check on that this is final set up the roof tent night in with the stopwatch are you ready? am I ready? this is quite sad. Press the button and go for it okay here we go we are done and, oh come on, quit stalling.

Oh one minute fifty eight seconds the record but gonna miss it it’s not very level either is it? the beds a bit wonky does that look any better?.

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