Deadvlei. Oh fantastic. Okay, it’s been a few days since you’ve seen me packing and unpacking the tent because.I’ve been unpacking in the dark and packing in the dark.

But today we have a light time packing away. Let’s go..Done! Now to get a drink.


So you have to go into the reception and check in and get your permit for going into the desert. There’s the reception there and there’s the shop, a nice well stocked shop. okay.

I’ve actually checked-in officially even though I actually arrived yesterday. (beeping of car horn in the background) I’ve got my permit so I’m actually legally allowed to go into the park even though I’ve done that this morning. I think I’m going to need some lunch soon.

Oooh, there’s a bug…

That wasn’t the lunch. [wind blowing in background] [Simon chuckles] Ahh, the bakery. Pig Ears.

Hmmm. Hi, can I have one apple crumble and a single latte please Sixty Five. You want it to go? For here please.

Beautiful cat. I’ve called in at Solitaire to try out the famous Moose’s bakery apple crumble. well looks like there’s plenty of apple, nice crumble, got some coffee on the side to keep me going through the day.

Solitaire is a strange place, it is as the name that suggests a very solitary place on the edge of the desert but it sort of came to fame. It always had a petrol station here, it was like a farm station, supplying petrol and as that tourism picked up in Namibia people started to stop in and pick up petrol here because it’s the only petrol close to the desert and then at one point, I think it was German car company wanted to make an advert about longer fuel range so they came and spoke to the owner of this, a guy whose nickname is called Moose, Moose MacGregor and asked him if they could use this location and his garage as a backdrop for the advert and basically it was that Moose used to wait by the petrol pumps and every time he heard a car he always got up and fueled it because every car had to stop here for fuel. Now in the advert of course what happened is he heard the car, got up got ready and the car drove past without putting fuel in so they sort of put him on the map per se.

But also Moose’s other talent is he’s a baker so he’s sitting here in the desert and he bakes wonderful things. So there’s like the apple crumble which he has become famous for but there’s also all sorts of other treats that he’s got in here as well. And also I’ve just been to pick up my rolls for eating on the road.

So it is become quite a sort of iconic place to stop and there’s lots of old cars because the place has been around for a long time and I still believe there’s hardly anybody actually living here apart from Moose and his family. So, let’s see how it is..proof of the pudding in in the taste let’s see Hmmm, tasty apples. Yep, drive through the desert, and you get this! Namibia is full of these little surprises everywhere.

There is so much emptiness and nothing, that when you find something it’s not just ordinary it’s like extra surprises tucked away there like for example a bakery in the desert serving such wonderful food. I mean it’s just not what you would expect but yet here it is. It’s one of the joys of travelling through Namibia Hmph.

And the good news is I’v just got ahead of the lunchtime rush. Damara is very unique it’s got these lovely clicks in it. Yes.

Do you sing as well? Yeah, I can do a little bit of rhymes as well I can play with my tongue just to show off my clicks. okay like I can do like not asking [lots of clicking sounds with the tongue as he speaks in Damara] I’ll just try that..[click] no no I can’t do that okay [more clicking from the Damara man] Now you’re not say anything rude are you? No no I’m not saying anything rude It’s just, it’s just a rhyme. I hope your friends and their family will enjoy the post and everything.

I think they’ll be at home going [mumbling attempts at clicking noises by Simon] [Damara man Laughs] Yeah. Thanks hey. Thank you very much.

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