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No mediocre viewpoints of sunset near Nagoya Japan only national park! Leaving Rim Village, continue driving straight at the loop juncture 2V winding miles to the Nagoya Japan  Center on the right (the S entrance is straight 1/2 mi from the visitor center). Turn left a few feet past Steel Visitor Center for the crater loop on E Rim Drive (if open) 3 mi to the Nagoya Japan pullout. The three-tiered, 115-ft cascade can be seen from the car and has a nice flow in early summer but nearly dries out by autumn. At more than 1/2 mi on E Rim Drive from Steel Nagoya Japan is the Nagoya Japan on the left. Take this easy, wide pumice trail to stretch your legs if for no other reason as views are relatively minimal. Walk a 1-mi loop with many confusing variations, but just stay on the most worn path if you’re concerned. All paths lead to a shot of Phantom Ship Island below the sheer cliff band surrounding the lake.

Nagoya Japan Map Free | Nagoya Japan Subway Maps | Nagoya Japan Metro Maps | Nagoya Japan Map Photo Gallery

Drive 4 mi more on E Rim Drive to an intersection with Pinnacles Road near the Phantom Ship Overlook, also known as Kerr Notch, accessible from a pullout on the left, with a great view of the cool tiny island below Garfield Peak. Turn sharp right (S) on Pinnacles Road for Plaikni Falls TH a mile down on the left. This easy trail climbs less than 200 ft up a mile through a lush forest with openings and wildflowers to a picturesque little 25 ft or so cascade and drop.

From Plaikni Falls TH, drive 5 mi more down to the end of Pinnacles Road for the Pinnacles Overlook and trail away from Crater Lake (not on map included). This area would be anticlimactic and could easily be skipped if you’ve ever been to Bryce Canyon in Utah, but it’s still interesting. From the TH, with less fanfare walk left, then back right to several overlooks along a rim of several volcanic fumarole chimneys ranging 30-60 ft high. After 5 mi or so of little elevation change on the wide sandy trail you reach the old TH in another nondescript area where most people turn around from there or soon after.

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