What’s up you guys Welcome! Hey everybody, it’s Big Sunday! It’s Jo And Damon It’s Jo and Damon And we are here in Iceland! Iceland? First things first This is such an expensive country It is? It is. The thing is It’s really cheap to get here It is, it is, it is! Our flight straight from New York was about The stuff you can do here They’re awesome! Like, here we are in this lagoon It’s a geothermal pool Warm like a hot tub From earth! It’s cold here But during the rest of the year i think it’s It’s always warm Yeah It is, it is, it is! It’s always warm Even in snow These geothermal pools stay warm It’s really cold So I’ll have to warm myself up in a geothermal pool Skinny dipping! So cold, so cold, so cold You know? What do I know? When it’s that cold You’ll have to get Gin & Grape drinks It’s going to get really hot Water is not the only thing that will heat up This is not easy, let’s go Like, drunk already? I know you like my accent What do you think about my accent?


What do you think about my accent? Oh my god This is so warm So hot that it’s cold Cold? It’s getting better This is better Cheers! What? Ouch! I don’t understand I think we can touch it then Let’s go? Let’s go This thing over here This smells bad you guys Smells like a fart This one is not that stinky though Look at this water What about cooking some rice? I want to put my foot Just imagine! You can cook here Without a stove And without my nose This is all green I always wanted to come here I don’t know why it took me so long Now I’m so happy that I’m here And I hope you guys. Want Move I’ll go home, bye This is worth it you guys Do you know when you go somewhere and it’s not really what you expected? This country is the opposite of that It’s so incredible! Right Damon? Yeah it is! This doesn’t turn off It doesn’t light like a lamp It’s not eletricity It’s the beautiful world! What is this you guys? I can’t believe it Here’s the thing They told us that there would be a gas here I don’t see any gas coming off the ground So this place is not worth it Don’t come to Iceland Shut it boy! Look at this you guys Would this happen in Brazil? I don’t know Because I only went twice It looks like a little engine It’s not an engine If you want to smell the world’s fart, come here It smells just like yours I’m all natural then So many farts over here And there’s toiler paper over there!

Can you see? These giant rolls of toilet paper Dude, what’s going on? Suddenly it starts to Bubble like this There’s a little engine with a battery inside of it Just kidding As we stand here What a show Let’s get out of here you guys This place is called Secret Lagoon Which means “Lagoa Segredo” Yeah Lagoa dos segredos Full of secrets, I’ll tell you a secret And the secret is. What? I have a secret It was the smell of Damon’s fart You are the one who farted boy Twice It smells much better here I can say that Alright, It was so good! Paige, did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy it? She liked it Exactly She liked it This was truly one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had in my life. She always says that Because everything is so cool! It must be like this Leave a comment down below: Have you ever seen something like this? If you have this in Brazil And that’s all everybody! Kisses See you next time! Bye Today we are taking a shower naked And then we will enter the lagoon It’s supposed to be naked It’s not like Like we wanted to take a shower naked Alright everybody We’ll not get in the pool naked We don’t? I wanted to We have to take a shower first And then we get in on a swimsuit With the little speedos That you brought from Brazil I need new speedos Let’s go to Brazil then Mine is so north american Yeah, it’s kind of grandma’s panties.

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