Myanmar Travel Tips Cost of Travel in Myanmar when where and how to travel in Burma

Good morning we are leaving Myanmar going to Bangkok flying to Bangkok then spending four hours in Bangkok Airport, Don Mueang airport, then catching our flight to Cambodia, to Seam Reap to see some of the most amazing temples in Asia or maybe the world now come on let’s go It is farewell to Myanmar It’s been a bit of a hectic, and way too brief trip but I have managed to capture the main highlights so Bagan temples Inle Lake and then a brief visit to Mandalay so much more there is to see but that’ll just have wait for another trip now recapping my favorites this is always a tricky one but I’m gonna try and do a recap of each country to say what I thought was my favorite part the trip and why for me although they’re all fantastic places Inle Lake has to be my favourite.

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I just love being out on the water, the early morning light the mist the fishermen the opportunity to see a lot of Myanmar Burmese life as it still goes on I’m not really that much of a city person so Yangon although was very fascinating and had lots to see and that the Schwedagon temple was amazing sight it’s still a big city and a bit busy for me Mandalay the same Mandalay again the temple on the hill overlooking Mandalay city and the wooden bridge the largest teak bridge in the world also quite beautiful but again a city Bagan does rival it I mean in Bagan huge open spaces you could spend days just ambling round and getting some amazing photos and experiences amongst the temples and just finding temples that nobody goes to but the lake wins it for me food food of Myanmar bit of a mix Myanmar is quite strange it’s got its its geographical location of Myanmar puts it between on one side you’ve got Bangladesh and India China a little bit of Laos and Thailand are it’s common borders and it takes a bit of food from all of these places which is great because all those food places are good it doesn’t seem to have it’s own really strong Myanmar food identity so a lot of the food I ate was either Indian or Chinese that or Thai I don’t know if Ihad any Bangladeshi food but it’s all been okay I wouldn’t say stunning like you know Thai food is really difficult to go into Thailand and get bad for the same as India India food i’s just packed with flavour I did enjoy my Myanmar meals my best one by far was at the Love Boat in the mall in Yangon where I just happened to wander across its near the reclining Buddha and this little place tucked in called The Love Boat and I had this.

I can’t remeber if it was pork or chicken but it was absolutely delicious really nice so that had to be my favourite meal safety-wise it is a very safe country to visit so don’t be put off by what you hear on the news do your own research weather, yes December through to April is the best time of the year to visit and the busiest time, I say busy, it’s not busy like a lot of other Southeast Asian destinations but you get the good weather it’s not too hot during the day it can get quite cool at night it was dropping, and I say quite cool it was dropping I think the lowest was degrees at night so it’s not cold but if you’re going on a boat it can be quite nippy so you need to bring a few extra layers but it’s dry this time of year then April May June July it’s the rainy and hot season combined so not such a good time of year but it’s an interesting time of year because the early part of you went dry everything is very dry like Bagan is dusty and brown you then come later in the year when it rains everything blossoms and you’ve got the green and the clouds you know so and and prices do drop a little bit as well Transport. Transport around Myanmar there is a train between some of the major places but they’re horribly slow very uncomfortable and really loud bumpier than the roads by all reports so really not worth taking unless you just want to go for the train experience don’t expect any sleep or any air con or much in the way of hearing them some people I spoke places they put their headphones on with the music and they couldn’t hear the music because the train was so loud so the main way of getting between places and certainly economically is by buses there’s big there’s lots of bus companies of different value there’s some luxury VIP bus companies that are very good both day buses and night buses for getting around now to give you an idea a ten hour journey which is if you’re looking like I did several journeys I did the bus from Yangon to Bagan, that was ten hours my taxi driver has just leaped out the Taxi and run off and left me ok, he’s left the engine running I think he just went oh he’s gone to do a pickup okay, well I don’t mind.

Where was I? Oh yes the bus journeys I did yes so to give you an idea of the costs of bus journeys and the times I took the bus from Yangon to Bagan which is a -hour night bus and I took the VIP luxury bus now it means only three seats a row fully reclining and I’m sure on my posts you’ve seen my views of the inside of the bus of very nice buses take ten hours and that took and that cost fifteen US dollars so not too bad I then took the also the night bus from Bagan to Inle Lake that also took ten hours and that was twelve US dollars again in the same luxury night bus then I took the, again, another night bus from Inle Lake to Mandalay that was only seven hours included a meal as well at a little road stop restaurant and that cost me eleven dollars so that gives you an idea of the costs and the times traveling I’m now actually flying out of Mandalay to Bangkok so I don’t have to, sorry just move you over here a bit, do anymore bus journeys in Myanmar so yes and the night buses are good I mean they are good quality it’s a nice way of traveling around, oh the other way of traveling and of course is flying between those places you can fly to to the airports near Bagan and Inle Lake and of course Mandalay and Yangon but the flights are reliable but quite expensive by comparison I think for the same journey I was looking about to US dollars for a one-way flight between Yangon and Mandalay obviously you can pick up some offers if you book far enough ahead but then you’re less flexible with your journey so questions and comments and anything else you want to ask just drop me a comment below I’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve got internet access let’s get the airport, do a check-in, start our trek via Thailand to Cambodia.

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