Myanmar Inle Lake Sunset Boat Trip to see Fishermen of Inle Lake in Burma

And welcome to Inle Lake now, I’m doing this voice over separate because the wind destroyed what I was saying there, but pretty much, this is it in a nutshell, here I am on Inle lake, enjoying a fantastic sunset. We took the boat from Nyuangshwe, came down the narrows canals, which is over there, there’s the canal just into the top end of the lake. Didn’t come very far on the lake, you don’t need to, there’s lots of boats going backwards and forwards, and you can go further into lake, but the sunset is right there in front of you.

Myanmar Inle Lake Sunset Boat Trip to see Fishermen of Inle Lake in Burma Photo Gallery

Come to this marker for a mile, I’m not sure where this four mile’s from, they tie up the boat there, then you sit and relax and watch the sunset. Now, the other thing you will encounter at this sunset spot, is these guys, now they are posing for photograph, they are actually fishermen, now there is plenty fishermen on the lake, and the fish there, the lake is getting a little bit over fished. So these guys, what they’ve done is, they’ve stopped fishing, and they make their living posing for photographs for tourists.

This is their own boats, this is their own fishing gear that they used to fish with, they basically come around the sunset spot, and pose so you can to get photographs, it’s an excellent way of getting really nice photographs, and they only expect a little tip. They don’t, that they will expect a tip, but if you don’t want to give them one, they also don’t get all fussy about it, but they are only expecting a thousand kyat, which is like, less than a US dollar, so it’s like an alternative way of making a living, hopefully it’s having a very low impact on the sort of tourism aspect, because obviously if too many people do it, then obviously it becomes a problem, but from the time I’ve been here and chatting to the guys and my guide, there’s only two or three of them who do it at this end of the lake, and they are actually, in inverted commas, retired fishermen, who’ve decided that they can actually, stop doing the fishing and pose for photographs. So, it’s up to you as to whether you like it or not, if you don’t want to take photographs, they won’t hang around, they won’t bother you at all, but if you indicate them, they will come in front, they will turn around, they’ll maneuver for you, they’re actually very nice guys.

It’s, up to you as to whether you want to take advantage of the situation or not, on the lake, you will still see lots of genuine, still fishing fishermen, with their nets and with their baskets and doing this sort of like one-legged dance, paddle, fish maneuver, so you will get plenty opportunity to see them. I would just say though that if you want a really nice photograph, with a nice light behind and the cooperative fishermen, because you can’t really go and interfere with the real fisherman and ask them to, you know move around against the light or stop their fishing, that’s really unfair. These guys take the pressure off the real fishermen who can get on and do their job, and make a living from posing for photographs.

So, up to you whether you take advantage of it or not. And now it’s end of the day, it’s been beautiful at Inle lake, I have really enjoyed it, but it’s getting cold, and I’m getting hungry, so let’s head back, to Nyuangshwe, and get some food. And as the sun sets, and you wander into the town of Nyuangshwe, you have to fight through the traffic, I hope I’ve booked a table in the restaurant, they were so busy earlier, I went to the restaurant, there was one other person, and as we have a look at the main centre, of Nyuangshwe and well, there we are folks.

Feng shui on a Saturday night, Feng shui? Nyuangshwe. Whoa look at that traffic, did I say Feng shui? sorry Nyuangshwe. And that’s looking like it, well I guess it’s time to find something to eat, and go to bed, early in the morning meeting the boatman at : in the morning, so, I’ll get well rested, batteries, charges and ready to go and wrapped up warm, we do have blankets, but gonna need them more in the morning.

Okay, let’s go and see where I eat tonight. Evening, So, had some time on the lake, which was really fantastic, didn’t really go far, we didn’t need to, saw some people posing as fishermen, took some good pictures, came back I actually found some great food, some of the best food I’ve had so far, which was, barbecue chicken, and now, strolling through the busy street as you can see, it’s well, it’s half past seven. There’s not much going on, it’s very quiet here in Nyuangshwe, which is really pleasant.

And I have an early morning, up at half past seven, well no, I have to be at the boat dock at half past seven, for a full day on Inle Lake tomorrow, so that’s exciting, looking forward to that. And it’s getting cold, I’m in short sleeves, but I got trousers, three shirts on, and where’s my turning? I know I turn somewhere along here, small place, I can’t possibly get lost here, can I?.

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