My First Indian Train Journey Delhi to Jaipur executive class India

New Delhi Railway Station and then after finding my train, which I’ll explain in a little while, a nice slow train, I think only about kilometers, it took four and a half hours, to the pink city of Jaipur.

Now I booked executive class on the train, had no idea, it’s the first train have been on in India a very nice experience for my first train no being shoved in second class which I did see was woah! But executive class think is above first class in India, okay I’ll try and do a post to explain them when I got a bit more experience on Indian trains which I’ll have in a couple of weeks being travelling on a few soon. Anyway, so on executive class nice big seats only four seats plenty room, reclined so you could almost go back sleep again and they fed you so well I had two cups of tea I had an omelet I had cornflakes I had some bread and butter I had a banana I was given this cool and refreshing drink which I haven’t drunk yet which is actually chakalaka masala spiced buttermilk. Not entirely sure on that, anyway I’ll try that.

My First Indian Train Journey Delhi to Jaipur executive class India Photo Gallery

What else did I have but yeah fed very well it’s really helped with journey passed by it’s all my snacks that I bought and prepared yesterday, well I say prepared, I bought them someone else prepared them, and I tucked away my water, oh yes I was given a bottle of water as well, a big litre bottle my crisps, my muffins, my croissants, still got ‘em what’s left of my very well flattened croissant which got squashed by a couple of liters of water on the journey so I’m gonna have a room picnic how long have you been in India? oh my first week. One week And which are the other places you visited? Varanassi, Mumbai and Delhi. Good evening sir.

Would you like a tuk tuk? I’m not out the station yet Taxi? If you can tell me any hotel? Rickshaw I have. Even a taxi also. Which place you go? If you need tuk-tuk come here tuk tuk.

Which place where you want to go? Please I need business okay I know do business. Later no problem. I never say right now you go with me later no problem. okay. you do everything yeah There is a green one, my tuk tuk, the yellow green one.

They’re all green. Yeah, no, this is a too too big, second is one not too big, is one big shake it with green and blue? yeah okay Okay, so after an early start struggle to the railway station in Delhi half asleep did manage to get tuk tuk thankfully so that was quite nice and easy nice easy journey to Jaipur, Jaipur junction and I was in the executive class which means you’ve got lots of space and they fed you lots of food out breakfast had cornflakes I’d omelet I had banana I had two cups of tea all included in the price so really very comfortable gentle slow journey to Jaipur. Sort of changed when I got off the Train, as soon as you get off the train usual thing you get the tuk tuk drivers and things harassing you for a taxi a tuk-tuk won’t leave you alone give you any space to sort things out and do what you need to do so you can decide what you want to do. We are now in Jaipur.

The pink city. There’s plenty to see here so let’s go and explore Jaipor. good morning Nice garden to sit in.

TV, fridge, tea & coffee, water, fan, aircon don’t forget the nice big comfy bed of course there’s the aircon unit. Bathroom is through here. There’s the bathroom.

Toilet, wash hand basin, and shower. Very nice. Smells clean, looks clean, looks nice and welcoming, which is more than the receptionist staff were, but you know.

Maybe grunts are their main way of communicating. okay so I found the hotels have stayed in so far the first night I stayed in a reasonable budget hotel and the staff were exceptionally friendly really good. Since then I’ve stayed in slightly better, I would say mid to upper range hotels, still not expensive talking US dollars a night, but a bit more upscale compared to the first place I stayed and the places have been really nice, the facilities, the rooms have been clean, but the reception staff so rude, it sucks I mean it’s just, just mmmgghhrr, no sort of welcome to the hotel anything like that which you know is very strange for India cos usually people are so welcoming.

Strangers a more welcoming than the reception staff you know it really is strange it’s sort of like, you do feel sometimes you’re an inconvenience to them by turning up at their hotel which is a shame. Very unusual for Indians and the hotel as you can see from the room it’s really nice you know so have no complaints on there I mean look at that beautiful huh let’s hope that bed is comfy it looks although it’s got some strange, what is this strange, can you see this? oh it’s a blanket laid under, that square object isn’t the bed it’s actually a blanket folded up laid under the bed okay Jaipur! The pink city..

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