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Hello everybody. And welcome to attache the show that gets you in out. And around some of the world’s greatest cities my name is Alex hunter. And I’ll be your Sherpa on this adventure. And today we find ourselves in Mumbai before we get into the nitty-gritty there’s something I want to mention it Mumbai may feel overwhelming at first but in a few days that we’ve been here I don’t think neither Gregg nor I have ever felt unsafe sure you take the same precautions as you would in any other city but even as we walked around all over the city with quite a lot of camera equipment people only ever came up to us to geek out over Gregg’s equipment cameras sorry that sounded better MoMA is served by Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport it’s br. And new only opened in it’s clean modern spacious full of great amenities.

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And not too far out of town only about kilometers the easiest way to get from the airport into central Mumbai is a prepaid taxi just go downstairs from arrivals. And you’ll find the prepaid taxi desk tell the folks where you’re going they’ll quote you a price but never pay more than to rupees for your journey they’ll give you a paper coupon with a taxi registration number written on it head outside find that taxi.

And jump in the journey to Mumbai city centre can take from minutes to hours depending on traffic don’t pay anything extra when you arrive at your destination because any fees or tolls are covered in the price you negotiated back at the airport Mumbai is one of the most densely populated places on earth million people crammed into a space half the size of London.

So getting around can sometimes be an adventure but it is doable it is really cheap. And sometimes it can be a lot of fun the railways are the nervous system of India a byproduct of British colonialism the very first railways in India started here in Mumbai after she gained her independence India embraced optimize.

And exp. And ed her railway system to extraordinary proportions. And Mumbai with its extensive network covering the city is a great way to experience that most people get around town using the suburban rail network otherwise known as locals of the trains not the people it is incredibly cheap to travel by train in India especially second-class but I strongly recommend that you splurge on a first-class ticket this isn’t about elitism this isn’t about snobbery it’s about survival as anybody here. And I’ll tell you the same thing the second-class carriages are designed for the seasoned Mumbai commuter who’s used to the jabbing. And jostling. And Jam packing that happens day in.

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