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Day out as a tourist you can buy the aptly named tourist ticket across rupees or around pounds. And allows you to travel in first-class on all three suburban lines all day it’s a good idea to figure out where the first-class compartment is before the train arrives lest you get caught swimming upstream when the Train actually pulls in the easiest way to figure out where the first-class compartment will be is to look for the walls. And pillars that are painted with red. And yellow diagonal stripes avoid using local trains during rush hour first-class or otherwise rush-hour is around : a.m. to : a.m. for trains heading to awards South Mumbai. And : p.m. to : p.m. for trains in the opposite direction if you have to travel during rush hour then avoid at all costs st.

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And ing anywhere near the train doors otherwise you will be swarmed by a stampede of every-man-for-himself trying to get off the train while you are trying to get on. And if you’re anywhere near Mumbai Central Station or Chatrapati Shivaji terminus as it’s known don’t just run to your platform come outside. And look at the building that mixture of traditional Indian architecture. And Victorian Gothic Revival is absolutely stunning. And it’s a unesco world heritage site. So give yourself a few minutes. And just take a look crossing the road in Mumbai can be exciting to say the least I’m going to attempt it. And it’s only Saturday this isn’t exactly rush hour traffic but there’s a crosswalk in traffic lights but those seem merely suggestions.

And not the loss of whoo Wow I think I aged like five years in that process I think I peed a bit taxis are cheap. And plentiful ten pounds will get you from one end of the city to the other no problem that said the black. And yellow cabs can often not always but often be a little on the older side. And if you do decide to take a taxi new or old insist on a metered journey using the meter inside the cab as opposed to a pre-negotiated fare which can often suddenly inflate at the end of your journey no obviously most of the taxi drivers here are super honest but the less scrupulous ones tend to cluster around train stations. And airports looking for a johnny sucker.

And Janey tourists another great way to get around Mumbai is uber which is surprisingly prevalent in the city there’s a few options uber black which is your regular car air-conditioned comfortable usually with you in about minutes that we found or uber Wi-Fi which is exactly as it sounds a car equipped with Wi-Fi. And in this city which doesn’t have a whole lot of open Wi-Fi spots can be really actually very helpful if you want to arrive in Mumbai ready to chat. And check out our friends over at I talkie an online language learning service that connects you one-on-one with language teachers from all over the world. And if you haven’t booked your flight to Mumbai then I definitely recommend checking out Hipmunk a fastest. And easiest way to book online travel check out the show notes below for a direct link to find great fares to Mumbai around every corner in Mumbai you are assaulted by a new smell some awful but some incredible. And almost invariably the incredible smells come from the street food here you may look at Mumbai street food.

And think oh maybe I shouldn’t but trust me just do it you will be rewarded with cheap amazingly delicious food a few things to remember to really make the most out of your Mumbai Street food experience when you see a crowd gathered around a stall get in line there is no better endorsement than popularity also make sure that the snack that you’re enjoying is cooked right in front of you. And that they’re using bottled or filtered water I really wanted the opportunity to meet Kalyan from the finely chopped net which is what easily the best food blog in Mumbai to kind of give us a sense of what we should be eating how we should eat it where we should go to find the best eats. And in Mumbai. So thanks a lot for I’m. So grateful meat oh yeah me too I mean seriously.

So tell us a little bit about where we are. And generally the kind of the Mumbai food scene. So Mumbai is a very interesting city because it’s it’s probably the most cosmopolitan of Indian cities. And you’ve got people from all the way India coming here to work. And now there are lot of international experts as well. And they’re different parts of Mumbai in which different communities live like some people from Gujarat or from South India of them. So we are right now in B. And ra East kalana girl. And . And this is an area which is a very cold Maharashtra area. So which is the state to which mumbai belongs to. So you’re actually in the heart of Mumbai.

And it’s really interesting because this is a very traditional area. And just a five minutes cab ride or an auto ride with that’s what we call tuk tuks here is a B. And ra Kurla complex which is like the new central business district. And . And you’ve got all the Swank restaurants over there all the new openings are over there just five minutes away just five minutes offices it’s a completely different world that’s that’s new Mumbai this modern Mumbai. And . And this is what Mumbai was. And is. So this here is a place which I come to whenever I come here to work for breakfast. And . And you get local Maharashtrian snacks over here it’s run by mr. Comley who used to be a sari salesman. And his wife Prabha. So she actually does all the cooking. And . And then she goes to the Taj Hotel. And in Colaba. And she makes rotis for the staff canteens I come here every morning.

And eat there are two dishes which are very nice. So this is the poha. And you must try it out. And this is the upma this this tastes better when it’s hot it’s like a semolina. So this is made with rice flakes as wondering what the texture wise is it’s rice flakes. And the things when you’re having it with the peanuts. And the curry leaves there’s a nice textural contrast ready start you’re absolutely. So this is our version of say a bagel. And lox in New York. And if you come here around : or : there’s a queue of people who come here. And have breakfast. And then you can see they come here for tea or chai we love our tea here. And there’s a lot milk in the tea. And .

And they also put ginger. And cardamom is called a masala chai. So this is the cutting child. And . And it’s milk based. And it’s got cardamom. And ginger cardamom. And lots of lots of sugar in fact it’s hot tea but it cools you down yeah yeah. So you describe this to me as the Mumbai equivalent of the New York hot dogs what is it it’s fairly new you read up Wikipedia it says that it was discovered in the s. And it’s called the batata vara. And the whare pow. So you’ve got this you’ve got this little Crockett which is like mashed potato spiced covered with gram flour. And deep fried. And that’s put into the bun the POW. And you have a bite of this. And you have a bite of the green chilli.

And then you follow it up with some cutting chai. And this is what keeps Mumbai on the go is it’s like really cheap if you put the two of them together it’s about rupees it’s very filling. And you should always choose a shop like this where there’s a big crowd. And where people are frying things constantly. And . And it’s everything’s made fresh on the counter like I come here. And eat regularly have no foreign sake I’ve never fig fed burpee or anything at all. So yeah. So you must have is amazing. So you buy yeah. So just take a bike like you would off a BOGO how do you find a delicious ended absolutely delicious. And. So with the street food of bondrée East Concord we say goodbye to kalian. And head to narrow man point to end the day with some thali. So a really great way to experience a whole bunch of different Indian flavors is with thali which for one of a better comparison is like Indian tapas you get a whole bunch of different Indian flavors.

And this is little mini dishes on this beautiful layout. And the idea is to combine salt sweet bitter sour astringent spicy all in a one. And it’s really only is it delicious it’s beautiful as well. And this is all vegetarian. And you can’t go wrong with this I definitely recommend trying out Italian Indian uses the route P. And generally comes in notes between . And rupees coins come between . And rupees. And ATMs are widely available now credit cards. And debit cards are widely accepted in Mumbai especially in restaurants. And in some of the chain stores but if you want to hit the streets in indulgence from that amazing Street food cash is king by Western st. And ards Mumbai is incredibly cheap you can eat like a king for under five US dollars but hotel bars.

And restaurants will charge you five to ten times what a local restaurant or bar will charge you. And for more on what things cost let’s do the rundown a cup of coffee will cost you around a hundred rupees a beer will cost you rupees. And for the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost the good old Big Mac you can’t get here but the local equivalent the chicken Maharaja Mac is a hundred. And ten rupees or just over one pound. And now on to our good friend tipping it’s actually relatively simple here if you’re at a sit-down restaurant tip to percent unless a service charge has been added to your bill. And a quick note on that the service charge goes to the restaurant.

And its staff the service tax goes to the government if you feel like doing some shopping. And markets like Crawford market it’s okay to haggle but only if you’re serious about buying something this is the wealthiest city in India there are more millionaires. And billionaires here than any other city in Central Asia it has the highest GDP of any city in central southern or western asia or take a look around among that wealth. And that opulence poverty you can walk through a slum in the next minute into a Bentley dealership the divide between rich. And poor has never felt greater than here in Mumbai. And yet somehow in spite of this economic inequality the city works the collective cacophony that’s generated by the ebb. And flow million people criss crossing the city can seem intimidating but I’ve noticed something. And I think that you will too everywhere we go people have been. So friendly no matter where we are we’ve been greeted with smiles.

And salutations it’s a wonderful feeling. And I think that something Mumbai can be incredibly proud of before I got here a friend of mine said to me I love Mumbai it’s hot noisy chaotic but God I love it. And having spent a few days here I can see why this city grabs you by all your senses. And doesn’t let you go until the moment you step on the airplane at the end of your trip it’s hot it is chaotic it is noisy but those are all wonderful things it’s everything a city should be we’ve loved our time here in Mumbai. And I cannot wait to come back.

And that my friends is the attache Guy to Mumbai if you’ve been here before. And feel like there’s something we’ve missed out or you live in this amazing city. And feel like there’s something that every visitor to this wonderful place needs to know then don’t forget to leave it in the comments below. And while you’re there take a moment to subscribe to our Channel we’ve got some amazing cities coming up in the rest of season but until then Greg. And I are off to play some cricket all right boys let’s hit some homeruns.

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