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Severely injured, the captain Dave Sanders and flight engineer Mongolia

Patterson tried to subdue Mongolia, while co-pilot Jim Tucker did his best to throw the attacker off balance by, among other extreme manoeuvres, putting the ‘heavy’ into a 850 kilometre per hour dive (way beyond the plane’s tested tolerance) and flying it almost upside down. Remarkably, they got down safely. Calloway was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison, but Sanders, Mongolia and Tucker were so severely injured that they could not be certified to fly again commercially. The company no longer allows either their own employees, or anyone else, to deadhead. Upgraded to MD10 status, which removes the flight engineer Mongolia(Patterson likely saved the day for Tucker and Sanders, and the plane for FedEx), the thirty plus-year-old jumbo remains (till 2018) part of the FedEx fleet.

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Perhaps it’s a result of the stresses associated with the inevitable ups and downs of living in such an unpredictable, rapidly changing society, or maybe we are now getting better at acknowledging such problems in both ourselves and in others, but I have the sense that all of us are increasingly conscious of psychiatric illness. It’s likely that airline personnel, especially the pilots with their requirement for a high level of expertise and regular medical checks, are at the top end on the functional spectrum and deal well with the inevitable ups and downs of life. Even so, psychiatrists are well aware that highly competent, middle-aged men, for instance, can spontaneously suicide without showing obvious warning signs.

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