Good morning everyone Today is travel day I’m not a messy person. But when I’m travelling. This is what happens This is what happens and I can’t control it I always pack on the travel day I’m so used to do this It’s like working out a muscle I’m here in Los Angeles and tonight I’ll be heading to San Francisco To a conference So it’s going to be a really quick trip Because I’ll only be there for h Now it’s the season that I pack to unpack and pack again While I’m packing my next bag I’m thinking what I should wear during the next days Because it’s easier then And like, are different climates Is really sunny here in Los Angeles It’s always raining in San Francisco And I’ll be back in New York where is snowing So, how do you do it then? You pack for everything In the smallest bag possible How is this going to fit?


I have no idea It’s going to work One, two, three and I’m done, you guys It’s just like wearing jeans Damon are you ready? Yes I am. Are you really? Yes. Let me see My hair Yeah, you are ready! Let me see your bag Have you packed? Damn! This boy is ready! And you are ready to go to the beach. Not wearing any jeans Ouch, my eye! I’m fine everybody. There’s just a stone inside And If you are asking, I brushed my teeth in the shower so I can save time What time is it? Nine. A bit of powder to block the shine (Damon singing). Let’s fix this hair a little I don’t use a hairbrush, fingers only Hair cream, and that’s it What is happening. The blue lighting It was so yellow before Check it out. Los Angeles, how beautiful. Colors fixed. Now it looks good We’re not in our apartment right now because we rented to. We sold them. We sold them We don’t No, we still have it We are here just for a week. So it’s going to be really quick We left Los Angeles and moved to Brazil!

Enormously important thing: deodorant “Deodorante”? Desodorante “Déodorant” I’m speaking french I’m not even awake yet and I’m prepared to travel Put the deodorant on the top of your bag because you are going to stink I changed my shirt because there’s nothing worse than wearing a tight uncomfortable shirt during a flight I basically take my vitamins everyday Specially on travel days Because you get on this bacteria bubble on the plane I also drink something for immunity Saúde (Cheers health) Liteally, health I’m going to get sick just from drinking this It’s done Making me sick Yes, I first add the milk and then the cereal Is there a problem? Most important thing Passport and cellphone Put on your bag. You can’t forget I’m completely ready to travel But I got to film this entire day And then at PM I leave Los Angeles So let’s continue with the Now I’m headed straight to the airport Ready? I’m not going to the airport I’m going by myself A thousand hours later we arrive at the airport We did it! Usually I get something to eat before getting on the plane Because I don’t like to travel with a empty stomach Tiredness : everyone It’s tiring This is tiring But it’s a good life Alright everybody, I did everything I did yesterday Because it’s a routine, this happens everytime I travel Tomorrow I’ll be back in New York Another trip, another plane, another routine day Leave a comment down below if you think that’s all Until next time I’m not going to sleep But it’s cool because I’m travelling Bye Tiredness, tiredness I’m tired Oh my god, I’m tired But It’s ok because I’m travelling So I can’t complain.

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