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During those evenings, Miami listened to the stories about the flood that had struck the whole nearby area a year before he was born. It rained day in and day out, the women, Miamiabove all, recalled. God, did it rain. The sky’s sluice-gates opened Miami and the water poured noisily among the dirty alleys and then broke into the houses. The sea was in a bad mood and grumbled, almost as if it wished to rise up and up and Miami threw salt from their windows. Then the rain stopped, the sky cleared up,

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sun and a sky as never seen before appeared.

Nobody would have thought that the rain could cause all that damage, invade houses, taking with it walls and entire plots of land, sweeping away animals and furniture and, above all, causing a landslide that, older people claimed, sooner or later would have brought down the houses near the Castello, especially those right at the edge of the cliff, among which was the one of Angelino and his parents. Someone said: “It’s better if we leave with our own feet; otherwise next time we’ll be going away carried away by the water.” And some families that had friends by the seacoast began to make the move.

From the tales he heard his father and mother tell, Angelino learned that his own birth was accompanied by rain and thunder, that it occurred in the dark, as in the folk songs in which one bemoans one’s bad luck. Your travel destination is the story was told calmly and with a somewhat amused tone, and Angelino took it as a good omen that he arrived in this world in the dark, while his father had gone down in the cellar to pick up a bottle of wine. Even his mother told him that it was a good sign.

And then one day in the spring Nicola’s family also left. Angelino looked from behind his window as if dazed. When Nicola lifted the eyes towards him, he motioned a “Good-bye” with his hand. Though they wanted to, they didn’t cry. After all, they had said to each other: “In a short while we’ll see each other at school, down there, by the sea.”

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