Moving to London, I mean this is something I’ve wanted to do forever, I think even before New York, even before Paris, even before Los Angeles, London’s been on the list. Why am I not living here? I think back to when I was a kid, when I liked the Spice Girls. I think back to when I was in middle school, and I had a Union Jack phone case. I think back to my studio apartment in New York, where I hung a British flag. I think back to the time that I was taking a DNA test and it told me I’m British. So, I’m just asking myself, “When will be the right time to move to London?” There’s never a right time, just shut up and go.


God, British kids yelling too loud. He’s cheating! I don’t care! Whatever, why you cryin’ so much. But, do you know what, I got something good going in Los Angeles right now. And no, we’re not getting married! (many pops) See, that’s what I should be doing, actually. Dammit, am I trespassing again? But, right, I am on a solo trip to London, a week long solo trip. Here’s the thing about me and London, I’ve been here many times, so I’ve done everything from Big Ben to Shoreditch, this time, though, I’m switching it up, I’m doing a lot of new things, like the following. Notting Hill, Portobello Road, Kensington Gardens, Kyoto Gardens. All right, the time has come, if I’m really gonna be British, I need to learn to start liking tea. But first let me look at the menu. Um, could I just get a table? For one? Here, ’cause this is pretty. I had to move, y’all know I need the airflow. And this waitress is givin’ me some attitude.

I have a question, we have all these contraptions. Should I do it? Yes, yes, you do it for me. I’m only British. There, in it. Ah, I knew that, I knew all that, thank you. I had already forgot and I’d been pouring it directly like this. I hope she’s not watching. Uh, could I get a flat white? Well, if I’m gonna be British, I gotta find a British gym. This one’s okay, dammit.

So you’re saying I’m years old? Not mental age, your physical age, but a metabolic age. So I have the body of a year old boy, basically. Well, if I’m gonna be British, I guess I gotta take this bad boy. This is not the right way. And if I really want to be British, I need to meet someone British. Any takers? First day here I went to Joe and the Juice, I met Asante. My name’s Asante, I’m years old, I’m from Is that good? She says, “Oh, you’re from LA,” I say, “Oh you’re from London,” she says, “What are you doing here?” I said, “You tell me,” she said, “Oh, well come to the barbecue on Sunday,” and boom, barbecue. So, I have to walk home every night through the park, which is beautiful during the day, but not beautiful when you get mugged at night. Here’s a clip I filmed last night I don’t know how nobody wrote about this in the reviews. Actually I do know, because ain’t nobody partying like me! Oh my god, okay, it’s scary.

Good morning, it’s Damon here in my bed hostel dorm. This place has done me well. I’ve been here for, what, five nights? Only three more to go, dammit. No, but it’s about p.m. and I just woke up, no, just kidding, it’s a.m., we’re gonna go get the day started, let’s do it. Sayonara, that’s my bed.

I told you no! Last time this happened, he jumped on me, ran up my body, and I’ve had a fear of squirrels ever since. Bitch. So, I’m walking to the Tube station, and I’ve had this song stuck in my head ever since I woke up Ask Lil Wayne, ask Lil Wayne who the five star bitch is. (upbeat rap music) Hope you’re having a good day like I am. You know, if you ever wondered back at home like if ging in public in foreign countries is awkward or embarrassing, it is. Ask Lil Wayne who the five star bitch is.

All right, next up, I figure if I’m about to move to London, I need to know more about the history of London and there’s a lot of it. Trafalgar Square is not named after a king. Pause the tour. We went the whole tour both thinking like, “Wait, what’s, what’s her name, what’s his name?” Three hour tour, three hours. I had to turn the camera on Olivia because she started talking about the ideal person that watches our channel.

So for about like six months, my friend and I were planning this awesome trip, it was gonna be two months in Europe after graduation, and then the week we were gonna buy tickets, got a text, What’d it say? Worse than a breakup text. Her parents were more comfortable with her going on an organized tour instead of just two gals roamin’ Europe. But, not how I wanted to travel, so I started planning my six week solo tour.

Your parents, what’d your parents say? Yeah, I thought that they would be like, “Hell, no, Olivia, like you’re not doin’ that.” But they just want you to be happy in the long run. But, they want they were proud of me, that I was going outside my comfort zone and pushing myself to travel the world. Why are you trying to edge out of the freaking camera? I don’t know! She’s like, “And so, and my.” Do you want me to cuddle with you? So now what, you’re here in, you’re here, by yourself, solo. I’m here by myself. Week two. You know I’ve been meeting awesome people in hostels and on tours, meet really cool people, but Who? It’s like, what’s your name again?

Oh my god, every time. Okay. And finally I figured if I’m really trying to be Bitish, why can’t I pronounce that right, I even pronounced it wrong last time. If I’m really trying to bre Bitish, be British, and finally I figured if I’m really trying to be British, I need to end the in a classic red phone booth. Which smells like pee. No, but London, I love you. Honestly, like if I move from Los Angeles, which I will, one day, and then maybe move back to Los Angeles, if I move from Los Angeles, I will most move to London, I gotta see what it’s like here. So, if you’re from London, or if you’ve been to London, please leave a comment below how much you love it.

I actually wrote a daily London diary blog over on our travel blog, Shut Up and Go dot travel, and again, if you like our s, we’re trying to hit one milli, so please subscribe. So, anyways, that is a wrap. I’m outta London, but I’ll be back very soon. Damon out. Next, ow. I’m gonna leave that to Jo. You can hear everything that I’m every word that is coming out of my mouth, Every word that is coming out of your mouth. Every time I go to a cash register, I literally just go like this, here you go. It doesn’t work No. Yeah, I guess I gotta use my iPhone. I actually filmed my phone because I thought it was impressive that I walked this many steps and yesterday, then Olivia pulls up hers. Thirty one thousand, thirty five thousand, okay. Thank you. Yep. I think they just asked me to join their team. Guys, I finally found out how Olivia gets all of her steps in. “Update, followed my maps and got to an area where there are literally no restaurants, hashtag thriving.” That’s what happens when you ain’t with Damon Dominique.

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