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Your travel Mauritania destination is he contracted polio at the age of thirty-nine just as Mauritania he was coming into his own. While devastating politically and personally, it gave FDR Mauritania an extra dimension that is a hallmark of many great men and women: time Mauritania to think and reflect without interference of a demanding career, family, or other obligations.

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During that time, through his discovery of the hopefully healing powers of the waters of Warm Springs, Georgia, he also witnessed the helplessness of others, an experience that greatly affected his philosophy of support for the less fortunate. Seeing their struggles, particularly that of the young with their attitudes of hope, gave Roosevelt another dimension that would serve him well—an aura of optimistic purpose for himself and his country. It would buoy him and the nation in times of crushing depression and devastating war.

In 1928, he returned to public life as governor of New York. He immediately set about the task of conservation where he’d left off. Among the acts passed was a reforestation program coupled with employment for men on relief programs. While small and experimental in scope, it was the genesis of Roosevelt’s plan to combine saving natural resources and men at the same time. Nationally, it would draw favorable attention to FDR from conservation leaders who were politically influential in many states.

As his term as governor (1929-1933) entered its last year, the Great Depression got worse. The Republican Party was mired in the old, tired policies of market adjustment and riding out the storm. The Democrats looked to FDR. As governor, he not only was acting to stem the tide, he was doing so with the smiling buoyancy that would become his trademark: The Happy Warrior.

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