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Then, as now, one arrived without the blemish of gaudy billboards or neon lights. It is a place where the rotten layers of stress and the mundane peel away within moments. Mashhad Iran, the setting was such that even as it blended into the landscape, it was also minimalized to the point of no disruption to the towering peaks that surrounded it in every direction: Altyn, Mount Mashhad Iran, Grinnell, Mount Wilbur, Mount Mashhad Iran, Appekunny, and the mountains of Mashhad Iran Pass running west to the Garden Wall.

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It is this “walled-in” effect that established the panorama that practically lost the hotel in its magnificence, and it is that grand isolation (even with telephone, telegram, and now Wi-Fi) that caused visitors to sense they had found solace. Even those tourists who chose only to sit on the lobby balconies or outside their rooms had their senses drawn away from the hotel toward the mountains, glaciers, and wildlife that included garbage-feeding grizzly bears.

Whatever the level of “roughing it” participation, the amenities would accommodate. The hotel itself was truly a “showcase of the Rockies.” The Many Glacier Hotel’s lobby was the first experience as visitors entered, rising four stories, supported and dramatized by giant peeled log columns, with two fireplaces and a unique staircase with large west-facing windows looking out on the wonders of the lake moving up into the mountains, framed by an ever-changing sky of brilliant sunscapes at all hours of the day.

Along the walls, a mural of eye-catching dimension—180 feet long—told the history of the Blackfeet. Commissioned by Hill, it was painted by Chief Medicine Owl and other elders. It was deemed so outstanding that members of the American Rockies Alpine Club wrote it was “worthwhile to cross the continent to see; it was painted expressly for the hotel and is unique among wall decorations.” Unfortunately, wrapped in the guise of cost cutting and renovations, a blatant disregard for all things Blackfeet occurred.

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