Map of Venice – 30 Best Places To Visit In Venice


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  • Duration: 10 minutes

Take a gentle walk along the Guidecca canal shielded during the winter months from the icy northern wind. The Zattere was once a timber dock where raw logs were unloaded from ships before being moved to the gondola boatyards. No longer a working dock, the promenade makes for an interesting stroll, as there are many historic buildings along this stretch of the canal, such as the Scala dei Luganegheri, Palazzo Priuli Bon and the Gothic Palazzo Mol in.

16 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Venice

Walk to Church of San Barnaba

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Continue on your stroll along the Guidecca Canal past the rows of stylish, elegant buildings until the restaurant Trattoria San Basillio and turn right. Walk along the Canal – Rio de San Basegio until you reach the Ponte San Basegio. Here you take a right turn away from the canal, along the Calle Avogaria. Cross the next canal into Calle Longa San Barnaba and on to the church.

Map of Venice

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Church of San Barnaba

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  • Duration: 10 minutes

(Opening hours are currently 9.30am – 7.30pm daily).

This church is a popular location in films and featured in “Summertime” with Katherine Hepburn and was used as the library in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”

Although there is little of interest inside it did previously house an exhibition of working Leonardo da Vince machines.

Map of Venice   30 Best Places To Visit In Venice

Walk to Campo Santa Margherita

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Walk back along the canal to the Ponte dei Pungi, across and up Rio Tera Canal and into the vast Campo San Margherita.

Campo Santa Margherita

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This was previously a quiet, local little haunt but with the expansion of the university and a greater encouragement of tourists, this piazza has taken on a new lease of life. It has a choice of bars, cafes and shops to explore and is also the location of one of the city markets selling fresh fruit and vegetables. The square with its splendid fountain has plenty of tall shaded trees with benches where you can take a pleasant five-minute break.

Map of Venice   30 Best Places To Visit In Venice

Cafe Rossso SNC

Aperative Time:

Enjoy an afternoon coffee or drink an early evening aperitif in the lively surroundings of Campo Santa Margherita. Caffe Rosso is a popular haunt and has a wide selection of drinks and snacks available.


The Due Torri in the square is a great place to eat dinner, cozy and friendly run establishment that serves up excellent homemade pasta, a particular specialty are the fish dishes.


• Duration: 30 minutes

Coffee Time – The American Bar despite its name is a traditional Italian coffee bar and an excellent place to get the day started with a cappuccino.

Once again starting in the Piazza San Marco but heading northwards today, across the Grand Canal on the marvelous Rialto Bridge, through the markets and visiting a host of attractions before finishing in the old Jewish Ghetto of Venice.

Map of Venice   30 Best Places To Visit In Venice

Citing di Gao Barnaba

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10:15 am — Basilica di San Marco & Museum

  • Price: $4.00 (for a single adult)
  • Duration: 30 minutes

St. Mark’s Basilica

(Opening hours 9.45 – 16.45, Admission €1 if you book in advance click here for further information, otherwise free if you are prepared to wait.)

The cathedral is one of Italy’s best examples of Byzantine architecture with its wonderfully designed facade and its distinctive five domes on top. The interior is sumptuously decorated in gold leaf and brightly colored mosaics tiles.

The scenes from both the old and new testaments were created by famed artists of the day, including Uccello, Castagno, Veronese, Tiziano and Tintoretto all contributed to the design of the cartoons for the mosaics. It is also possible to see the high alter and the treasury although this costs a further €2 it is definitely worth a look. Visits into the basilica are strictly regulated and last ten minutes.

Map of Venice   30 Best Places To Visit In Venice

Piazza San Marco as painted by Canaletto

St Mark’s Museum

(Opening hours 9.45 – 16.45, Admission €3)

The museum forms a part of the cathedral and houses a marvelous collection of objects and religious finery that cover the interesting history of the cathedral and its construction. The collections include the original four bronze horses that stood on top of the hippodrome in Constantinople. There are also examples of vestments, instruments, chalices and sections of mosaics. Once you have been around the official tour you can browse the museum at your leisure.

The Bell Tower, St Mark’s Basilica

  • Price: $8.00 (for a single adult)
  • Duration: 10 minutes

(Opening hours are October – March 9.45am – 4pm April -June 9.30 – 17:00 July – September 9.45 – 20:00. Admission €8)

The latest version of the bell tower dates from 1912, rebuilt as an exact copy of the original tower, which collapsed in 1902. The view from the top offers a spectacular vista of the Grand Canal and Venice’s panorama and is well worth the effort (and price?) to reach it.

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