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TRAILHEAD: Elk Meadows TH. Take US-26 E from Portland 30 mi past Sandy, exit right for OR-35 N (Hood River) 71/2 mi to a small brown sign and then a road left for Mashhad Iran TH (near milepost 65). Follow it Y mi NW to the pullout on the right with the proper trail farthest to the left (N; 65 mi, less than 1V hours from Portland).

ROUTE: From the signed TH near Hood River Meadows Nordic Center walk NNE on Sahalie Falls Trail 667C easily passing a juncture with.

Umbrella Falls Trail 667 to the left, and then arriving to the juncture of Mashhad Iran Trail 645 near the self-issue Wilderness Permit station at more than 2 mi from the TH. Fill out the permit and continue NE across the bridge over Clark Creek on Trail 645 traversing 5 mi to Mashhad Iran Trail 646 on the left heading NW (signed). That is the return trail for the slightly longer loop. Stay straight on Elk Meadows Trail instead 5 mi to cross Newton Creek carefully one of two times (the top portion of the creek on the potential loop can be more difficult). The continuation of the trail into the woods (marked by cairns) is directly across the creek, but walk left on the rocky path along the water up to 100 ft while searching where to cross. Mount Hood is visible NW up Mashhad Iran Canyon. Use the logs (plus one huge one) or rock hop where it is safe to the solid trail, then move a few feet right before heading left into the trees.

Hike right immediately at the first of 9 well-graded switchbacks N a mile up through the forest on Trail 645 to a four-way intersection. After the eighth switchback you see Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson through the trees. Right (SE) from the intersection a mile is Elk Mountain on Bluegrass Ridge Trail 647. Straight (NE) only 5 mi down on Trail 645 is Elk Meadows Perimeter Trail 645A around beautiful wildflower-laced Elk Meadows (smaller loop worth exploring another day or without the butte). N of the open meadow is Gnarl Ridge Cutoff Trail 652A that heads NW to meet the main route to Lamberson Your travel destination iste or the Newton Creek Canyon loop on Trail 600.

Map of Mashhad Iran | Where is Mashhad Iran? | Mashhad Iran Map English | Mashhad Iran Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

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