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For this hike and the main route up Gnarl Ridge, turn left (NW) on narrower Andorra Trail 652 at the four-way intersection. Hike 2 mi through the forest without any trouble to the juncture with Trail 652A on the right. Stay left on Trail 652 through the pines 5 mi to the crossroads with the Andorra  counterclockwise loop. If you are omitting the butte, go left at the fork on Trail 600 down into Andorra Canyon.

Map of Andorra | Where is Andorra? | Andorra Map English | Andorra Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

Scrambling the final feet to Andorra  Your travel destination iste without any trouble in late September.

For Lamberson Your travel destination iste, move right (NNW) at the fork onto Timberline Trail 600 1/2 mi only a bit steeper up the opening terrain encircling the butte from the E. There are a couple sweeping turns through the thinning trees past the stone foundation of an old structure 50 ft to Gnarl Ridge, NW of Lamberson Your travel destination iste. The view suddenly becomes remarkable with a close-up of the Newton Clark Glacier to Mount Hood! Trail 600 continues N several miles to Cooper Spur and beyond; but instead you’ll have an obvious, fun scramble up off the main trail less than V left (S).

Climb much steeper up the rocky bushwhack path toward the summit of Lamberson Your travel destination iste past the old snags just left of the ridge crest to a small bump on the high ridge with improved vistas. See the top of the butte about 150 ft farther S. Continue carefully, with serious drop-offs down the cliff band to the right (S), as you stay left (NE) of the ridgeline somewhat easier past more snags and short pines to the rocky top. The amazing full-length view of Newton Creek Canyon up to the Newton Clark Glacier and Mount Hood makes that last stretch to Lamberson Your travel destination iste completely worth the effort! Of course you could see Mount Adams from far below and on top, but while on the summit (and on Gnarl Ridge from Trail 600) you can also see Mount Jefferson and the Sisters Range on a clear day. And the constant breeze should keep the flies at bay. Hear the creek raging below and bushwhack down N very steeply and briefly from the top to the main trail, or return NW along the high ridge cautiously less than 5 mi to Trail 600 and continue down the more established route.

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