Oh Paris you are so beautiful! So Jo’s ill, this the reality of always being on the road. Am I pretty, beautiful? I want to say that we’ve been in Paris for a week and everything has been fine but I’ve been going out a lot and that’s why I’m ill now. Yeah Jo, how do you feel now that YOU’re ill? Usually I’m always the one who’s got the strepsils. Where are the strepsils? You actually have them. This is Europe’s best product. We only have two left and then we’re out of strepsils! You’ve done it wrong, you idiot. Stop it! Oh my love, I feel so good. That’s what I was saying in this bed! I have something to confess. Damon’s always ill. He’s always got a cold but he won’t admit it! Having a stuffy nose is not being ill. Being ill is when your head doesn’t feel right and you don’t want to get out of bed. I’m not ill, I’ve got a cold. My phone’s ringing, okay. Who is it? My doctor. My doctor. Being ill is something that happens when you’re travelling. We are going to bring you with us to the pharmacy here in France because it really is a travel thing. It is an adventure. You need to find medicine in every country that you’re visiting. No but really, it is so beautiful.

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Big old. I don’t know if you’re a ballerina or an old man. Or a gogo boy. “I love you”. I’ve done that. Is it a thing in France? Slapping your knee when you say something funny? Je sais pas, le tapeur de genoux? Anyway, anyway. We made it to the pharmacy. Here are a few things we’ve noticed about french pharmacies as two americans in Paris. Number : In the US, the green crosses don’t mean “pharmacy” but “cannabis. So when you see this it’s a bit like. Before we go in, you have to know that this is the only place where you can buy medicine. Where we live, in the US, you can buy medicine everywhere. Everywhere, because everyone is always ill. Hello! Usually I always stop here because I love this brand. Are your muscles sore here? What’s going on? Here, yes. I entered the pharmacy and my muscles are already sore. This one is the best. I love this. It’s more like a Sephora than a pharmacy. Once I had to come here because I had an ingrown hair.

What? Do you have a product for that because I need it too. laughs Are you in a lot of pain or is it moderate? No, it’s okay. Okay, so it’s just inflamed. She’s exaggerating. No, I’m not exaggerating, okay. How much does it cost? It costs That’s good! Something for the muscles, because I have a lot of problems. Thank you, have a good day, goodbye! We are back from the pharmacy. We are back from the pharmacy. I’m going to show you what I’ve bought. Here is a vocabulary lesson. I think. I’m not French but I do more or less speak French. Doctor A “docteur” is someone who has a PhD. So you can be a “docteur” in philosophy. A “médecin” is someone who knows medicine. Yeah, it’s a “doctor”. Then there are the “médicaments” -which are the things the doctor gives you when you’re ill. That’s it. “Docteur”, and “Médecin”. And the subject is called “Médecine”. Here when you need medicine, even if it’s strepsils you need to talk to someone. You need to tell your symptoms.

At home it’s not like that. You can basically buy whatever you want. And since you can buy anything in US’ drugstores the people who work there don’t really know medicine. But strepsils is always the best medicine for when you’ve got a sore throat. I sleep here and she sleeps in the bed. This morning she texted me this picture. Guys, it was awful. I didn’t feel good, I had a cold. Suddenly my forehead started itching. I turned on the lights and I saw that I had like or mosquito bites. I thought that there were no mosquitoes in Paris. I looked it up and there actually are mosquitoes. I was shaving, doing my manscaping. I realized that I had an ingrown hair. You’ve got one, I have like seven. I had several ingrown hairs okay! So I went to the pharmacy in Belleville. The people who worked there laughed at me when I asked “does this product work for ingrown hair?” They were laughing at me, like. Like talking into the microphone “There is a client with ingrown hairs!”

What they gave me didn’t work. I had to go to Carrefour and buy a pink stuff called “poils incarnés” Poils (Hair) master! and it really worked. Yeah, I think I used it once at yours. Did you? laughs Jo you had another interesting story, didn’t you? I needed to buy something for “girly stuff”. Mmh. Periods. But I didn’t know the word for “tampon” and “pad”. So I had to say : “Hello, what’s the word for the thing that girls put in every month?” Aw-ful. She said : “Ah, tampon!” There was a queue of people behind her hearing everything. The words are “tampon” or “serviette”. “Serviette” and vaginas. We’ve talked a lot about ingrown hairs, periods, but it is really something that exists when you’re travelling. That’s life, it doesn’t stop when you’re travelling. Life goes on. You know what stops when you’re travelling? Insurance. Oh yes, haha, next ? We’d like you to comment below useful words when travelling in France that could be useful to english-speaking people. Words that nobody will teach you. Like your French teacher won’t tell you : “it’s ‘serviette’, ‘tampons’, ‘poil incarné’ or ‘préservatif’ (condom)”. But we will! We can teach you everything. Ok, ciao everybody. See you later. In the next vieo, Damon’s going to be ill. She’s not even ill. That’s the thing. You always say you’re ill but I always say I’m not even when I am. Who benefits from this? You. Because you won’t be ill because when I’m ill I know I am so I stay here, but you don’t. You’re like ” Uuurgh I’m not ill, let’s go film a !” I didn’t get it. laughs.

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