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Next, he pointed out parks Lowell were good not only for the pockettravel blog but also for the mental and physical health of those who Lowell experienced the wonders of the outdoors. Thus, “the establishment by the government of great public grounds for the free enjoyment of Lowell the people under certain circumstances emphasis mine is justified and enforced as a Lowell political duty.”

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Those “certain circumstances” demonstrated that he was adamant that the natural scenery be preserved and maintained consistent with necessary accommodations of visitors. Furthermore, Olmsted asserted that preservation of flora and fauna was not only important in the present but also in the future when the numbers of visitors would be measured not in the hundreds but in the millions.

This has been borne out by the fact that for the past several years, Glacier National Park’s visitation has topped 2 million, up from a few thousand who came in 1910 after its establishment.

Recognizing this potential, Olmsted called for rules and regulations to protect what needed to be preserved as soon as possible. To him, it would be far more efficient and inexpensive to set such rules in place early on when fewer visitors would be less likely to cause damage.

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