Lost in Pushkar Rajasthan eating more Indian Food Pushkar Camel Fair

Ooof, and I’m lost, somewhere in the back streets of Pushkar, came out the market, heading back to my hotel to put batteries on charge, we desperately need it. Wandered through some back streets, took some photographs, wandered another way, “hey how are you doing?” and now I’m sort of lost.

Lost in Pushkar Rajasthan eating more Indian Food Pushkar Camel Fair Photo Gallery

Good, found my way back to the guesthouse, the hotel. I haven’t had anything to eat yet so that’s going to be on my list of priorities but first go back to the room, plug batteries in. Ok see you later.

And uh, “Namaste”, a really beautiful view over the lake wow and there’s the market as well, oK, turn the camera round manually. OK found a place with a nice view and it’s nice and quiet. Oh wow “thank you very much”, mmhhh this looks good cashew nut curry with fluffy light nan bread oh and I asked for not so spicy so let’s see how it goes, aaww it’s the fluffiest nan bread I’ve had yet.

Oh, mmhhh that is nice, come have a closer look, there you go cashew nut curry and fluffy, fluffy nan bread oh, and of course my couple of drinks mmhhh, let’s eat. No idea what is cooking here but it’s smoking that’s for sure, it’s…no still no idea what it is but it’s in big pans again if anybody can tell me what it is or what it’s gonna be when it’s cooked. That’s before cooking oh my goodness, and that’s after cooking.

OK, somebody tell me what this is and what you do with it, presumably you eat it. Well I don’t know how well you can see me in this light, but I went behind the fair for this evening for the sunset where all the camels and where all the people who bring the camels stay, it’s quite a site, there was a lot of tourists mingling in there was also quite a bit of hastle umm especially from young kids so always coming “money, money, money” and jumping in front of the camera, I also got chased off by a few people, I was taking their camels apparently “no no, my camel you must pay me money”, but nor real hastle but yea quite amazing, much more hectic as you can see from the footage now. [Music and background sounds] But it was fantastic to go behind, now it’s got dark and guess what? I’m a little bit lost, just a little bit but I can see some big ferris wheels over there which are near the fairground so, I must be close so I’m gonna try and wend my way towards that, I also reckon if I follow the trail of camels they will lead me somewhere.

And failing everything I could just flag a camel down and get a ride. OK let’s go to the fairground and see what’s happening there. I have no clue if you can see me, I can’t really see very much I’m lost and confused amongst the horse enclosure, been wending my way between horses and people and nobody seemed bothered or seemed too harassed, I have managed to find the arena although I’ve got to do now is work out how to get to the area but first I’ll go to the fair.

Whoa it’s been a fun packed evening so far, as usual everybody really happy now I’m going in to the big main stadium arena to see what is going on there. There was something happening about o’clock which is now, I’ve been to camels and horses, the fair lots of things there oops, tattoos and things, now heading into the arena and standing on somebody on the way, find a spot here and see what is going on.

He nearly ran me over and then said hi and singing, dancing fantastic. Now this may or may not come as a surprise to you as I wander around India but I’m lost..

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