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Criminally expensive look for the regular train service as you walk out of the terminal that’s your best way of getting into town that way your work London has really solid public transport options with tubes trains taxis trams light always. And even river boats the first thing you’re going to want to get is one of these an oyster cart it’s London’s stored-value system. And it works on almost every form of transport in the city. And because it’s a simple tap in Southtown system you’re not going to be that guy that’s fumbling with a paper ticket at the turnstile in the middle of rush hour the London Transport network is expensive clean. And genuinely very well run apps like Google Maps.

And the local darling citymapper will help you get from point to point quickly. And easily. And those apps are worthwhile using because while the Tube map is a work of cartographic genius it can sometimes be a little bit misleading check this up word Bayswater station right here look at Queens way different line looks like it’s a long way away nope it’s actually right there.

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And that’s where this mapping is sometimes a little bit misleading those apps will solve problems like that for you a lot faster one final tip for riding the tube in Engl. And always st. And on the right nothing will incur the silent wrath of a Londoner faster. And stay thing on the left always on the right you’ve been warned. So a couple things to remember about London taxis while a lot more than we’re taking credit cards the vast majority still are cash only. So make sure you’ve got enough to cover your fare before you get into the cab cask you a question you know when people hail a cab. And they almost always come to the passenger window – why do they do that somebody might want to go somewhere else under six mile radius.

And the talk of mike’s cousin doesn’t necessarily have to defense we learned something today also when you hail a cabinet pulls over go to the passenger window. And talk to the cabbie before you get to discuss where you’re going how long it will take etc etc I’ve just learned why that happens it’s because there’s a six mile radius from Charing Cross that dictates fare another thing. So it’s common courtesy to talk about your destination before you get into the town no one knows wounded better than a London can be in fact they have to go through the most extraordinary certification process full of knowledge which ensures that they can figure out the best route between any two points London without ever having to look at a map a study process takes years.

And hardly anyone ever pass you put on their first go but it means that if you need to get anywhere in London these guys are the guys to do it we’ve got a large amount of London. And the person pulls out their routes. And your name every street from beginning to end in the most direct way if you say Road instead of a street they’ll deduct a point let’s get this in the open right now London is not a cheap city but if you know where to look.

And what to expect you can avoid that awkward conversation when you get back to the office about that latest expense report you submitted the currency here is officially a pound sterling would ordinarily refer to as the pound casually referred to as a quid always singular one quid five quid quid never quits the pound is a decimal base currency is a hundred pence or P. And a pound again always singular P P feet right now the pound converts to about one dollar us one dollar eighty Australian about. euros a cup of coffee will cost you around two pounds pint of beer cost around four pounds.

And the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost the good old Big Mac will cost you two pounds in P around four dollars. And sixty cents speaking of Big Macs don’t forget to check out our food segment where you can discover the wackiness that awaits you at a London McDonald’s I’ll give you a hint it’s terrifying dragged at all poles. So what about tipping in London I’m glad you asked because it’s complicated in the past tipping was a rarity it basically never really happened but in the last three years started to happen more. And more in places the Decatur the tourists a discretionary service charges sometimes added to the bill. So keep an eye out for that other times it’s added as part of the payment process. So if you feel like tipping how much did you tip in a restaurant to percent is considered generous. And indicates that you were happy with the service.

And with the meal in a cab it’s cool to round up the fare but that’s really as far as you need to go one quick thing on paying for stuff while the u.s. is stuck in the Stone Age at the rest of the modern world the UK has widely adopted the chip. And pin card instead of swiping. And signing all you do is put your card in the Machine punch in your PIN number. And you’re done no signing no signatures no paper. So also knows they’re not taking my card away.

So it can’t be copied. And used to fund weapons. And supplies for small militias in Central America now these machines can accommodate your antiquated chip list card but it will occasionally confound the occasional member of the service industry. So you’ll need to explain that your card doesn’t have a chip. And needs to be swiped. So that’s the atashi a guide to London if you’ve been here before. And feel like we’ve missed something or you’re a Londoner. And feel like there’s something that every visitor to this great city needs to know make sure you leave it in the comments below until next time you.

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