Hi everyone. Hi guys. Today we’re going to make a only in Spanish. Only in Spanish, where we’re going to tell you two different stories. One story is very true, the other one. A lie! I’m going to tell a story. You are going to tell one too. Let’s begin guys. It was the last day in Mexico. We were in Akumal. We went to Akumal’s beach because it’s a beach known in the whole world. In fact, it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. So were went to the beach to take pictures and s for our Youtube channel. And it was in this beach where my fear to the sea began. Why? Well, I’m going to tell you why. This beach in Akumel is famous for seeing all sea turtles. I didn’t like animals at all. So going to the beach to see the turtles, I was already nervous. Because we had only one camera, we decided to take turns. Jo took the camera and went to the sea. I was there like “Uf, good luck!” Then she was swimming, swimming and swimming. And later, she told me from the sea: “Damon, but I can’t see anything”. She gave me the camera and told me “Damon, it’s your turn”. I didn’t want to enter the sea, but we have to take photos and s.


So what are we going to do? Not take the photos, not film the s? Of course not, we’re going to get it. I entered the water and, what I saw, it was not a turtle. It was a white stingray, albine. It was an albine stingray. I don’t know exactly what it was. But I know that I was so afraid that I was already at the beach. And that’s the story. When we have to film something near the water, Near the sea, you know that’s Jo’s responsability. Not “me”, Joanna. And now, with the (fake) story of Joanna. Thanks Damon for that big lie. Guys, it was the last day in Mexico. We were in a beach in Akumal, and I wanted so much to learn how to surf. Why? Because I like the beach so much. Because I’m a Brazilian. So it’s obvious, I am a beach girl. Ok, when we arrived at the beach I saw that an hour of surf was just pesos. That’s basically a Starbuck’s capuccino. Come on. So yes, I started an hour of surf in Mexico. Surfing a wave when being a kid, that was easier. But for me, no no.

The teacher was Rafael. He didn’t speak a single bit of English. And me, still didn’t know how to speak Spanish. Like I nowadays still don’t speak Spanish. But we try guys. Well, Rafael tried to comunicate with us through gestures. So, “Like this guys, like this. We start like this”. And I understood. Well, at least I thought I knew. But no, I didn’t know. I went to the sea with my surf board, full of confidence. I was there, when suddenly I see a wave coming. But so, so big that I was already afraid when it was far. I was swimming with my surf board and when I was ready to perfectly surf, My surf board fell Of course, I fell too. While I was trying to breath and get above the water, The board hit me and left me with this scar here. It’s so beautiful, isn’t it? Rafael was disappointed with me. But everything is fine, I’m fine, but I can’t surf. It’s the big truth, the truth of the year. It’s my surf story. Then guys, it’s your responsability to write down below Because in seconds we will tell you which story is right. Or who is the big liar. Begin the pause. Who is the big liar? Me In fact, I don’t know how it was. What is this? A story for another day. But it wasn’t surfing. No, it wasn’t surfing. I never did surfing. Also write down below what do you want us to film. Click “Like”. We want to make more s in Spanish but we need your help to know what to do. Which topic. The most important thing is. Subscribe? How do you say ‘subscribe’? The most important thing is to know how to say ‘subscribe’. Ok guys, until the next time. Goodbye.

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