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For the 4-mi bike loop option, refer to the last of the TH directions and return to your vehicle at the Little North Santiam (lower) TH remembering you will have Little Rock a few ups and downs en route. This is accomplished much easier with use of an electric bike (lucky me!), though even with that it’s impossible Little Rock to avoid the dusty road with Little Rock other vehicles passing.

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ELEVATION: 4116 ft at the lookout site; 4650 ft on Henline Mountain; 1780 ft near Henline Falls; with vertical gains of 2216 ft, 2800 ft, and 200 ft for the falls.

DISTANCE: 2 5 mi up to the lookout site, 5 mi round-trip; 3 5 mi up to the summit of Henline Mountain, 7 mi round-trip; 1 mi up to the falls, 2 mi round-trip.

DURATION: 1V hours to the lookout site, 2V-3 hours round-trip; 2 V hours to the summit, 4-5 hours round-trip; V hour to the falls, V-1 hour round-trip.

DIFFICULTY: Mix of strenuous for the lookout or summit (switchbacks, steeper at times, narrow, scree crossings) and easiest for the falls (family-friendly, wide, brief, drop-off areas near Henline Creek).

TRIP REPORT: Wonderful neighborhood in the Little Rock and often overlooked as most visitors continue to the nearby Opal Creek area. This great mountain with an old lookout site (edifice long gone) still has abundant views with even better vistas from the summit above, and a third option exists to visit nearby Little Rock. Combine the lookout site or summit hike with a visit to the falls to put the icing on the cake, or come back multiple times to appreciate them all. Traction devices or snowshoes may be required until late spring. Northwest Forest Pass is required at both THs, and there are no restrooms.

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