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For Lincoln TH turn left on Lincoln Trail more than 5 mi to the campground. For the loop without a shuttle turn right on Wilson River Trail 31/2 mi down to Kings Mountain TH. With a shuttle you would bike or take the shuttle vehicle from Elk Creek TH down  OR-6 W to Kings Mountain TH as in the trailhead directions. Although much easier than the rest of the loop, there are still a few ups and downs on LincolnTrail before mellowing and crossing several little creeks and bridges. It’s quite lovely in fact, a bit overgrown at times, and not at all crowded to the juncture with Lincoln Mountain Trail. Turn left at the signage briefly down to the TH.

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For the bike (or hike) up Elk Creek Trail, take the old road straight past the gate (NW) from Elk Creek TH instead of heading left on Wilson River Trail. Ride up steadily as Elk Creek splits off to the right and you follow W Fork Elk Creek to the NW on its left side before climbing steeper switchbacks more narrowly. The single track gets a bit monotonous and overgrown but will be well worth the downhill when the time comes. At about 4 mi from the TH is a juncture near a small saddle. Turn left (S) on Elk Creek Trail almost a mile somewhat easier on a wider traverse up to the main flat saddle between summits. For the summit of Elk Mountain and the loop down that peak, follow the description on the previous page with the paragraph that starts “For Elk Mountain.” as you head left (SE) from the horseshoe ridge. See above that for the description right (SW) to Kings Mountain (reversing the route from the saddle to the summit).

ELEVATION: 2788 ft, with vertical gains of 2000 ft directly, and more than 2500 ft with a bike-n-hike or hiking loop with Elk Creek Trail.

DISTANCE: More than 1/2 mi up, 3M mi round-trip; 8 5 mi hiking loop with Elk Creek Trail; 14 mi round-trip bike-n-hike with Elk Creek Trail (no loop).

DURATION: 1-1V hours up directly, 2-4 hours round-trip; 2-3 hours biking/hiking up Elk Creek Trail, 4-6 hours round-trip.

DIFFICULTY: Very challenging. Ultra-steep from both approaches, positively steep ups/downs, not for novices, scrambling, well-traveled, difficult when wet or snowy, narrow SE ridge.

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