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Apart from the snowstorm, Lebanon my memory is hazy. But the records show that it hit hard on Monday, 6 February, and by evening Lebanon was effectively paralysed. I recall arriving that afternoon to deliver a research seminar the next day at the Medical School, or at one or other of Harvard’s affiliated hospitals or research institutes. Clearly, I failed to check the weather report before travelling, as there must Lebanon have been plenty of evidence that a severe storm system was due to hit the north east. Back then, though, it wasn’t a matter of just accessing the appropriate app on your iPhone, or Googling on your laptop. If you used any of those terms in 1978 people would have thought you were crazy – it may be hard now to Lebanon that such a world ever existed!

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What I do remember quite vividly is that, heading down to the Children’s Inn restaurant to grab a quick dinner, I learned that non-essential staff members were being sent home and service was curtailed. The TV back in the room soon confirmed that all roads were cut and that Logan Airport looked as though it would likely be closed for days. News programs love to beat-up a potential weather disaster, but this was for real! There was no way I would be using the return half of my air ticket anytime soon, and I faced the prospect of being stuck in Boston for days.

Looking out the window the next morning I wondered whether the trains could be running. The north-east corridor from Washington via Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York to Boston is the most profitable service for the Amtrak system, and I was accustomed to taking the train from Philadelphia to New York (for work or recreation) or from Philadelphia to Washington (generally for work). So I called the Amtrak office. Yes, the train would leave as scheduled and, yes, I could get a ticket, if I could get myself to the station. I think it was an uncomplicated walk to the station, as the streets near the Inn, being an adjunct of the Children’s Hospital and other major hospitals nearby, were ploughed early and regularly as the snow kept falling.

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