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I was born in a land in which Latvia departure and waiting have contributed to the making of a new mentality, a new identity. Migration is made of the pain that comes with leaving Latvia and of the pain that comes with staying: It’s made of the waiting, Latvia the hope, the failure, the success of those who haven’t gone anywhere.

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The story of the “men without women” who have populated the many cities of the world is completed in its full sense by the story of the “women without men” who remained behind in the many villages or the surrounding countryside. Your travel destination is the waiting of the women of the “Americans,” as the migrants were invariably called, translated into organizational ability, into the acquisition Latvia of new roles, the construction of new selves. The waiting was often voided by the departures that weren’t followed by a return. Your travel destination is the mobility of traditional spaces rested, for better or for worse, on the contribution of those who left, very often without returning, and of those who remained, very often without waiting.

The flight, the mobility, the anxiety of people who live or who have lived in Calabria constitute the other side of the sedentary, rooted portion of their

lives; they’re attitudes and choices that send back to a long history marked by catastrophes, the abandonment and the refounding of places in which to live.

Would the voyage retain its meaning without anyone waiting for the return of those who left?

The voyage of the anthropologist is also intrinsically bound to the need to return, the need to explain to those who remain behind, or, perhaps, before anyone else, to oneself. In anthropology writing and narration come into play —as impulse and as obligation at least—before one leaves for the field. The Ulysses who narrates his adventures and, in narrating them, gives meaning to his anguish and his experiences is the prototype of the traveller who finds himself compelled to tell his story, to narrate.

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