Last look at Pushkar then Train AC Chair Class to Udaipur Rajasthan India Travel

Okay, one minute he’s feeding the pigeons in his robes, the next minute he is on the mobile, I dont know, organising his supper or something. It’s one of the many things you’re gonna love about India, it truly is an amazing country around every corner.

Sitting with that beautiful view right in the middle of the city, just down there is, i think a green heron sitting there so beautifully, look at that, look at him fishing patiently and quietly, that is stunning. And that is the town of Pushkar, a beautiful small town that bursts into life during the camel fair so i was really lucky to be there at that time. I did actually manipulate my dates so i could be there during the camel fair, which was really brilliant and it was so nice to go to all the hustle of the camel fair and all the activity and all the excitement and then being able to retreat to this lake just right in the middle of Pushkar.

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Now this is a prominent Hindu pilgrimage town and the lake is supposed to have appeared, it’s a holy lake, it appeared when Brahma dropped a lotus flower and this lake has been there ever since so it’s a very holy lake, so you must take your shoes off and walk around in bare feet when you go round there. A lot of people come and bathe in the waters and you’re not supposed to take photographs of them while they are bathing. So there’s no photos there and the people, they are just gentle and, you know you can sit there in the evenings, and just watch the sunset over the surrounding hills and breathe in the fresh atmosphere.

The people as usual as all Indian people are absolutely wonderful and kind and friendly, also when you wander just off the lakes there was these streets with full of bazaars and places to shop, places to have snacks and drinks as usual the exceptional Indian food which I’m slowly experimenting with a bit more each time, getting a little bit more spicy getting my spicy taste buds in, although I still really can’t take hot spicy stuff. And I enjoyed my time in Pushkar, but as usual i don’t have lots of time, I could spend ages here like I could in many of the other places and i’m sure I missed so many things that I’ll just have to put on my list to come back and see. But now it’s gonna be time to move on.

There we go, I’ll just give you a little view around Ajmer railway station from the outside so you can see what’s going on. This is where tuk-tuk drivers, and taxis gather and then heading into, I wonder if I can get through this gap my bottom is big in this, oh ah here we go. There we go and into the railway station we go, welcome to Ajmer railway station.

People waiting for their early morning train. Ok where is my train? I think that’s it Jaipur, oh it’s gone of the screen. It’s railway station time and i’m at the railways station in Ajmer, waiting to catch my train to Udaipur.

I think it will be coming from that way, I’m not sure though looks like it’s gonna be quite a busy train. But this is the way to get to Pushkar. There’s no railway station in Pushkar, there’s no railway station in Pushkar, you have to go to Ajmer which is where i am now, it’s the closest railway station, and from Ajmer you get a local taxi.

It’s about – minutes ride and about to Indian rupees for a cab, it takes up to people and luggage, and takes about to minutes to then get to Pushkar. It means you don’t have the train horns like that in Pushkar but it does mean you’ve got the extra hop and when you are going in the morning, I had to get up a bit early, arrange my taxi to get here, I arranged it the night before and then obviously catch the train from Ajmer, so that’s how you get to Pushkar. And here comes my train, all i gotta do is find the carriage and i think this is my carriage and it seems to be all these people’s carriage as well.

Try not to get mown down make some space for us,let’s join the people C, C. It’s a general free for all, I think that’s B i’m C, no this is C I tell you what we’ll do, I’ll just walk a bit further and go in the top end. and i’m looking for seat got a lot of tourists on this one, let’s go.

May I squeeze past, oh get out the way, out the way, here we go oh ok through the first road block. Found my seat, no more bags. Next stop, aaahhhh.

I have arrived in Udaipur, nice hour train journey in AC chair class, chugging along had a good chat on the way, passed the time easily. It’s now just after lunch time and guess what? I’m hungry. But first i gotta find my way out of the station as usual, get a rickshaw to my hotel then I’ll get some food.

Now to find me an auto rickshaw, yep, ok Ermm, we just show the addresss. Please come Out of the station, found an auto rickhaw, negotiated a price, now time to explore Udaipur. It’s quite warm out here the train was aircon but it’s quite warm out here but looking quite beautiful.

Can see some mountains in the background apparently there are some lakes here as well well, let’s go out and explore, see what it’s like. Hello, well welcome to my new home in Udaipur. Here we go nice, clean, very friendly people as usual already got recommendations of where to go and eat, they did tell me what it was but it’s Indian food that is special to this area so will I be adventurous to try that out? Will i survive if it burns me? I hope not.

I’m sort of getting used to the spicy food here and then I get a spicy dish and realise oh I’ve got a long way to go. So here’s my lovely room, it’s nice, clean and comfortable I’ve even got television in the corner, but I won’t be using that most importantly I’ve got a day bed, for napping on And..a grand fan, it’s so nice in here even in the heat of the day it’s actually pleasantly cool already so I’ll have no problem sleeping here.

And a nice clean bathroom and we are set. So change of clothes, quick wash, pardon me, unpack and then get some food and explore Udaipur, let’s go. Thank you guys for your support and following me, hopefully you’re enjoying these posts, it means a lot to me.

Mmmhh, thank you very much. mmm. thank you very much oh smells good korma of some kind mmmm.

And a lasse. [Waiter] Good?, mmmhhh [waiter] Not spicy? No. Thank you.

Nice fluffy nan as well. I didn’t realise how hungry i am and this is so tasty, i’m not sure if i’m eating this right, spoon from here onto here and then, I don’t know. If i’m not eating this right somebody let me know.

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