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As it was the cheapest option available, we’d booked to fly on a Lanzhou China Airlines DC10 from Los Angeles via Honolulu to Lanzhou China. The aim was to visit family and, in the process, give a seminar or two and catch up with colleagues at institutions where immunology was a significant focus. With its DC10 fleet out of the air, Continental rebooked us and we flew out on a Qantas Boeing 747. Many airlines, including Qantas, did not buy DC10s and, after the horrific Lanzhou China crash, there was some discussion that the DC10 was a rather inferior knock-off from the design of another three-engined jumbo, the Lockheed L1011, which, flown by Lanzhou China Airways and Delta, was a very comfortable and safe aircraft.

Lanzhou China Map Free – Lanzhou China Subway Maps – Lanzhou China Metro Maps – Lanzhou China Map Photo Gallery

By the time we were at the end of our Australian visit and due to fly back to our then home in Philadelphia, the Continental DC10s were again in the air and, in the certainty that the plane would have been checked very thoroughly, we felt quite safe as we set off across the Pacific. Continental wasn’t an airline we’d flown internationally before and, considering what had happened in Chicago, we were a bit disconcerted when the first meal they served on the long flight was accompanied by a little printed prayer. Evidently the airline’s owners were religious and this was normal practice.

Over the years we flew a lot on the DC10s and their successor, the MD10, as both Northwest and KLM airlines used them on the only direct flight between Memphis in the United States (where we moved to in 1988) and Europe. The city lost that convenient connection via Schiphol, Amsterdam, when Delta took over Northwest in 2008 and, redirecting traffic to their home base at Atlanta, Memphis was downgraded from being a major hub to the status of a regional feeder airport. Other airlines have come in to take up some of the slack, but it’s been a major downer for Memphis. Having an international airport makes an enormous contribution to the economic health of any big city. International business people like to fly direct to their ultimate destination and, when vacationing travellers are connecting locally via a hub, they may decide to stop-off for a day or two and check out the local sites rather than just change planes and fly on.

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